Why to Prefer JPG Format over PDF?

PDF (Portable File Format) is generally used to display the printed document in an electronic image that can be viewed and forward to anyone. It is also called the “read-only document” as it is difficult to edit the PDF file. The PDF file is designed to preserve and protect the information about the documents.

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However, if there is a requirement of extracting and editing the document, it is very hard to do it with PDF files. That is why JPG Format is the most preferred format because you can easily do editing and formatting in this format. For the conversion of the PDF files into JPG format, you can download the PDF to JPG Converter from the company Soft Solutions.

How JPG format is more convenient?

  • Supports all the Operating Systems

PDF supports limited operating systems, but If you are using JPG format, it supports various OS like Windows, Linux, MAC OS, Unix, etc. It is a very good advantage because you can run your file on any operating system.

  • No plug-in or application requires to support JPG format

To view PDF files, you have to install the Adobe Reader or any PDF reader Plug-in. Then you will be able to access the PDF files. On the other hand, JPG format can be viewed on any device without any application.

  • Easily readable

Files in PDF format are difficult to view and read on the computer. The reason is PDF files are presented in A3 or A4 standard format pages. Therefore, you waste lots of time scrolling down the pages while viewing them. But JPG format is specially designed for the convenience of the people. Once you open the JPG file, it is ready to view and edit.

  • Recognition of scanned images

PDF files have a limited flexibility if you want to copy the information from the scanned image. On the contrary, JPG format has the ability to recognize the text from the image file. Furthermore, it can easily detect and correct the blurred characters in the text.

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PDF to JPG software can detect almost 40 multiple foreign languages. Your file will always be converted with the higher resolution provided the file should already be in a high quality for conversion. It can also edit the password protected PDF files, all you need the password at the time for conversion. You can also save your time by doing the batch conversion of files in one go. Moreover, it provides you the feature of converting the file into colored or black and white image.


PDF to JPG software helps in reducing human efforts to type out the documents as the software enables editing and formatting of the file trouble free. This technique is utilized by the digital enterprises, banks, libraries, and mail delivery to maintain and keep a check on the reliability, preserving their holdings and save time.

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