Best Portable speaker brand? We test Sony vs JBL vs Ultimate Ears vs. the rest

Music has the ability to enhance every situation for the better. It can be the difference between having an uncomfortably quiet event and having a party where everyone feels relaxed enough to ease into conversation.

However, having the responsibility over the music is never as easy as pressing play…or is it? With too many things that can go wrong when organising a playlist alone, it’s important to get yourself a quality speaker you can rely on to do all the hard, technical work for you.

Portable speakers give us the best way to entertain for a huge range of events. The fact that they are portable allows for you to take your party from your living room, to your backyard or even the beach! This ease of movement means no matter where your friends congregate, you know that you can bring the tunes as well.

If you haven’t used portable speakers in a while (or ever) you might be pleasantly surprised by the quality of sound, battery life and features they have to offer. See the range of Bluetooth Portable Speakers from Harvey Norman.

Starting off with Sony, you’ll find it to be a reliable brand. The XB41 Ultimate, while a bit more expensive than Sony’s other models, is competitive with other brands in its quality. It features a system which manages and sustains peak sound quality while also including the option for extra bass and a three-dimensional sound output.

The JBL speakers have a higher price rate which is validated through its exceptional range. Possibly the most impressive is the JBL Link 20 Google Voice Activated Portable Waterproof Speaker. With an output of 24-bit/96kHz, you are transported into the depths of you music with clear, vibrant playback. It has the ability to be wirelessly connected to other JBL Link 20 speakers so that you can set up speakers across your home while staying in tune. Its impressive 10 hour battery is matched with its IPX7 waterproof rating which takes it from indoors to the outdoors without damage. Its in-built Google Assistant allows it to take voice commands from you as well as being compatible with the Google Home app so that you can control all the speakers from your smartphone.

Possibly the most recognisable of the brands, Ultimate Ears (UE) brought portable speakers into the market with a bang. Similar in price to the JBL range, UE speakers also deliver a high quality, reliable device. The classic ‘tube’ design produces a 360 degree sound with bass to you feel. Most of the UE speakers contain a battery life upwards of ten hours while also having various waterproof and dust-proof ratings so that it can come along with any adventure. The party chain feature is also included in the newer models and with the most recent releases introducing Alexa compatibility, voice commands are no longer a problem.

Other brands available focus on both smaller and larger speakers with more or less similar features. It isn’t common for the remaining brands to include IPX ratings or harness the ability to chain up to other devices but they do still produce a dynamic sound that is both crisp and sharp. Maintaining similar compact designs, it still makes for easy portability to take your music with you anywhere.

Portable Bluetooth speakers are a must-have for anyone who likes to entertain. Whether it is stationed solely in your living room, or coming along with you for the ride, you are guaranteed a true quality of sound each time. Investing in a truly impressive speaker means it really is as easy as pressing play.

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