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How to Get Free Blog Content for Your Site: Best Paraphrase Generator Tools

If you’re looking for free blog content for your site, then, worry no more because you’re in the right place. We understand the struggle of creating time for writing original work. Also, we know you have a business to keep and hence mandated to produce blog content for your site on a regular basis.

As a business owner, therefore, you need to apply tricks and resources that will be helpful in getting free content for your online business. These contents need to be relevant, high-quality and catchy to viewers. You’ll need the best tools such as a paraphrase generator and also ideas that will be significant for your needs.

Ideas for Getting Free Blog Content

Free content here means that, making use of already written articles or texts that have information likely to interest your customers due to its relevancy. Some of the ideas that you can put into use include the following:

a) Know what your customer wants.

Take into account what can impress and attract potential customers to your blog page. You can do this by considering all that you market in your website and think of content topics that perfectly match that line of business.

For instance, if you’re dealing in natural makeup products, then you’ll need content talking of “Importance of using natural products on skin” (or any other related topic). It will then be wise to use as many of such articles on your site.

b) Know where to get quality articles related to what you offer.

As per what your website offers, dig on the internet for free relevant articles that you can easily obtain information from and use them. Make Google your friend and get the most out of it. Research as much as you can and save them for various processes so that you can finally use.

Helpful Paraphrasing Tools

Have a look at the best paraphrasing generator tools that will make your blog successful.

1. Prepostseo Paraphrasing Generator

You can effortlessly use this tool to paraphrase paragraphs and make them unique. Rewriting of these paragraphs is essential to avoid plagiarism and risk copyright violation policy. In the end, you’ll get your clean copy ready to be posted.

2. Article Rewriter Tool

With the help of this tool, you can do your online paraphrasing free of a hassle. It helps rewrite words and sentences in different ways from the previous ones. You only have to instruct it after uploading your files and let it do the work.

3. SEOmagnifier’s Paraphrasing Tool

This generator will give you free content without spending any amount and within the shortest time. It is super-fast thus can quickly paraphrase sentences or whole content. Its fantastic features that include thousands of synonyms help do the trick.

4. Article Spinner Tool

After finding the best article for your website, whether taken somewhere or created, you only need to copy and paste it into this tool and hit spin button. It then gives you exclusive spun articles that will fill up your site.


Know when to use the free blog content and where to apply them. You may consider not using them for the priority pages that generate money for you. Most may not be high-quality and not exhaustively written or researched. Thus, using them on your landing pages may harm your site.

Use them where applicable as long as you make use of various paraphrasing tools like those discussed above. Make them attract much traffic to your site for the success of your business.