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Why Brands like McDonalds and Starbucks are Keeping their Apps First on the Menu


It definitely seems like mobile is breaking all the ceilings in the world of fast food and dining. The food-and-dining mobile ecosystem has been built and seen some good growth in the past few years, thanks to apps like Yelp. Then there are apps like Uber Eats and Doordash that are making food ordering and home delivery easier than ever for both customers and the businesses.

Mobile technology for restaurants

Starbucks has been an early adopter and a front-runner in the food industry. It is one of the first major food-chain brands that has adopted mobile technology and invested heavily in online campaigns and mobile technologies. Along with Starbucks, McDonald’s is also doing something similar by making it easier to order food with many offers available almost every other day. McDonald’s prompts their customers to use their mobile app in order to take the benefit of the free food and coupon codes.

Mobile app strategies

Using the mobile app will give you coupons and free foods. A few taps on the screen will show you the entire list of deals. In addition to that, there are also convenient mobile ordering features. The company has just recently pushed its already existing mobile app. One reason is that this step will boost the mobile app adoption. The other reason is that the repeat usage of the app will create new habits and more loyal customers. It is too soon to predict customer loyalty as of now, but this strategy is already driving the mobile app adoption.

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Starbucks has a greater share of mobile app users

Similarly, Starbucks seems to have contributed greatly to the mobile app adoption strategy as it has over 20 million users in the US alone. Starbucks has been using a mobile app even before McDonald’s started it. McDonald’s still offers a few limited features, whereas Starbucks has a lot of major features for their customers. These features are the reason that Starbucks is the phenomenon that it is today.

Reasons why mobile app works for restaurants

In a day, a person spends almost 6 hours of his time on a mobile phone. From this, almost 90% of it is allocated to using mobile apps. Restaurant users have made strategies to take benefit of this mobile madness. They are making efforts to turn this into repeat visits and more loyal customers.

Thanks to the mobile apps, your customers can avoid the long queues. This way they can avoid congestion at the cashier’s desk. This can give them more time for order preparation. This will further lead to a smoother operation or process. Mobile apps make it easier to upsell to their customers.

They can offer push notifications and can attract their customers’ attention. Using notifications, restaurants can also inform users about deals and coupons.


To make the most of the mobile app, the restaurants try the gamification strategy by creating game-like mechanics in the apps, which can make ordering food fun and exciting. Nimblechapps – top-rated mobile app development company has created loyalty apps for some of the world’s biggest restaurant brands and social media influencers. These games often have rewards as well. McDonalds and Starbucks mobile app strategy is a good lesson for other brands that are looking to create more visits and build customer loyalty.

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