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IELTS Waiver for Student Visa in Canadian Universities

Language can divide and bring people together. We are all aware that English is the language of business. It is important to note that English is not a language spoken worldwide. If you are applying to study in another country, you might need to write a language test. This can be frightening for someone who does not speak that language. If you were to move to Canada as a student, you will be required to write an IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

A lot of students are either afraid to take the test or embarrassed by their low scores. Even if you are a native English speaking individual, your scores can still be low. These tests are not easy. That is why many students opt for the IELTS waiver writing. The challenge then comes in with obtaining this letter. It is not as straightforward as one might believe. With that being said, it is also not the most challenging exercise. Once you do it the right way, you can receive your waiver letter.

Talk about education

One of the best ways to get your pardon letter approved is to show that you can speak the language. If you have done a lot of studying prior to this moment, you can be excused from the test. When you are learning in English, you probably know the language pretty well. Send your qualification documents with the subjects included as proof.

A lot of Canadian universities have strict rules about the IELTS test, but there are also others who don’t. You have to decide how important this move is for you and adjust. If it means applying at a different university, you can make the move.

Go for facts

In order for you to receive the waiver letter, you have to prove that you can be taught in English. The Canadian authorities are just worried about you coping in a class taught in English. If you can prove that you are able to do that, you will receive the waiver. Send any documents that you can lay your hands on.

You want to stick to facts. A lot of people believe that they are proficient in certain areas. When you simply say this to the university, your suggestion will fall on deaf ears. Once you attach some paperwork to what you are saying, you stand a better chance. Make sure any communication you send to the university is of the highest quality. You cannot prove that you understand English well when your written work is full of grammatical errors.

Find a good writer

This might sound like cheating, but there are services offered specifically for this. If you are proficient in English, but you are not a good writer, find someone to do it for you. It sounds like a challenge to find the right person but do your research ahead of time. There is a moment when you need to leave it to the experts. Just be sure that you are ready for any follow-up questions.

You want someone with experience in this specific area of expertise. Ask for a few examples of previous work to make sure it is your style. We all have a different way of writing and you want your writer to capture yours. This is just to get the waiver letter. Remember, you need to make sure that you are actually proficient in English. Canada has these strict rules to protect their own academic passing scores. This is also of benefit to you. You want to pass all of your exams, so always make sure you are ready.


A lot of people frown upon these language tests but embrace it. If you do not want to include your test results, opt for the waiver. You want to make sure that when you apply for the waiver, you get everything right. Visa applications are stressful and there are a lot of requirements. A waiver would just eliminate one aspect of it. Some people also do not have time to study for another tests. Some students are currently busy with exams and cannot squeeze this language test in. This is when the waiver can come in very handy.

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