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Female Enhancement: The New Girls On The Block

Compared to the male enhancement pills female enhancement pills are relatively new on the market. They are usually prescribed to women to help treat Female Sexual Dysfunction. This a condition where women experience a lack of sex drive also known as female libido. A condition wherein women feel pain and discomfort during sex. They are often times not able to experience pleasure during sexual activity. Unlike the male versions of sexual enhancement pills, female enhancement pills actually work because of the way a woman’s genitals are designed there is no use for her to grow a few extra inches. Instead the female enhancement creams and pills actually have a whole different job description.

The modern woman is one that has many responsibilities. From taking care of the children and her home to being at work on time. It can be said that women these days have a lot to get done when the day starts. In most cases women then choose to save energy and time and they just choose to skip sex with their partner. This is in most cases how Female Sexual Dysfunction starts. There are other instances where women are going through menopause, stressful situations, illnesses, relationship issues and depression.

Ways to choose from many

The majority of these pills are said to increase sexual desire by stimulating the blood flow to the vagina and also increasing the amount of vaginal wetness. The increased blood flow heightens the sexual responses and makes achieving an orgasm easier.

Since the announcement of the first ever female libido enhancement pill. Female enhancers contain no pharmaceuticals. Because of this reason it is not required to have a doctor’s prescription for one. The markets have been flooded with all types of enhancers for women. The ways you can choose the best one for yourself by checking what the ingredients are. Often time’s women have to try them out and see which type or brand fits their body type the best. The question that also arises often is whether you should choose a female enhancing supplement in the form of gel or the capsules. That, again, depends on a few factors. The pill brings balance to the hormonal nature of the woman’s body. It does this with herbs that have been used since the ancient days. This process ensures that the body’s hormones are in perfect balance and alignment for the person to enjoy maximum sexual increase in their libido. In a sense the pills would make an individual sexually healthy, ready and exited. The gel on the other hand gives a more instant and short term solution. It gives the vagina the short and quick boost it needs for better arousal and it also lubricates at the same time.

The variations are different in the different brands of female enhancers. But across the bat there are a few supplements that are present in most cases like Ginko, Damiana leaf, Black cohosh. Female enhancers are safe because they are made from 100% natural ingredients, with this they avoid the potential side effects that come with pharmaceuticals. These pills are not recommended for breast feeding women.

Foods that can increase libido

Many of the compounds used in the female enhancement pills are naturally occurring compounds. This means that they are minerals and vitamins found naturally in different types of fruits, vegetables and even nuts. A few prime examples are:

Pumpkin seeds are packed with zinc. Zinc is one of the best minerals to increase sex drive. Women with higher testosterone levels have a better sex drive. Zinc block the enzyme that changes testosterone into estrogen, so for an increase in testosterone use a cup of pumpkin seeds to give a boost to testosterone levels.

Watermelon has properties that relaxes blood vessel and increases blood flow. Proper blood flow gives way for better arousal.

Asparagus has a great amount of folate. Folate regulates the production of histamine. Histamine is the chemical released during orgasms.

Garlic has the ability to thin out blood, this in turn causes blood to flow more freely to area in the body. The compound responsible for this is allicin.

For those who are skeptical about using pills or libido enhancement gels to get their mojo back, don’t really have to feel like there are no other options. The capsules make the tasks of the mothers, wives and colleagues we all know a little easier by placing all the goodness from those naturally occurring vitamins and minerals in a perfectly good balance ready for them to use. She doesn’t have to go through the hassle and trouble of preparing all these ingredients just to get a little of what nature has to offer. To only realize that it wasn’t enough at the end of the day. That is why women have a choice today. Most of them choose to be sexually healthy and thriving and that is why they choose female enhancement capsules!

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