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Active Diet for Active Mind – Concentration increasing food

The modern days are very advanced and became mechanical where the life has become a burden for the people and even there is no time for them to spend with the family and to take healthy food in their diet which results in the damage of the health. Therefore, to come out of these problems, and be happy and merry and tension free there must be changes that are to be made in the daily diet. This diet we can call as the Active Diet. Even this is proved in the surveys that are been conducted by the scientists of various research institutes.

Having a Breakfast of this kind

It is not good to take the food that is having less proteins and high starch as a breakfast. By taking this food in the diet, makes the increase of the fat in the body and makes the life, the day very dull and inactive, and this leads to laziness. Therefore, it is good to take both the protein and starch based food in the diet. The food items like the bread, chocolates, noodles and some kinds of sweets are not good for the intake. By taking this food, there is a problem of dizziness.

Problem with the noon sleep

It is very commonly seen in most of the people that they feel sleepy as soon as they had their lunch in the afternoon. Most of the people say that it is very difficult to come out of this habit, which is considered as a break for the daily work either in the office or in the house. This problem can be controlled if a proper change in the lunch in the afternoon is made as said by number of food and diet specialists.

  • It is not good to take the food that is having the products like ghee, butter, non-veg, hard and spicy gravies, the items that are been used for the dressing of the salads.
  • Avoid eating the fat contained food items like cakes, desserts, ice creams, cookies and the candies. It is very important to look after for the proteins in our daily diet. The food that we take must have balanced calories.

Concentration increasing food

Boron is very essential for the body and the mind in order to have the concentration in the work. This boron is available in the food items like fruits, seeds and so on.

  • 20ml of boron is essential for the body daily. It is available in the food items like apple, grapes, groundnuts, cashew, and so on. The required quantity of boron is gained by the body if the food items like the fishes, eggs, leafy vegetables, beans and dates.
  • There will be lack of concentration in the work if there is lack of thiamin, riboflavin, carotene, and iron to the body. If this continues, there is a chance of getting memory loss. Thiamin is very high in the food products that are made of the wheat grass like the pulses, badam and walnuts.
  • The carotene is very high in the food items like the leafy vegetables which are dark in color and in the fruits which are orange in color like mango, tomato, carrot and in the papaya and even in the eggs.
  • The iron content will be more in the items like green gram, rice, rice flakes, watermelon, dry kismiss. For the zinc, it is good to take the food items like fishes, and the items that are belonging to the bean family.

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