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4 Lesser Known Uses of Commercial Vinyl Tapes

Have you ever wondered what electricians and painters did before the commercial vinyl tape was invented? We are assuming that it must be really hard for them to imagine life without it.

The vinyl electrical tape is also known as insulating tape and is most commonly seen in your local electrician’s toolbox. It’s stretchy, it’s bendy and offers long-lasting insulation for electrical wires and other electrical conductors.

But that’s not all!

Vinyl tapes are also used in factories, warehouses, homes and even parking lots. These are strong enough to resist the effects of inclement weather, abrasion, and wear and tear. And despite such resilience, vinyl tapes are flexible enough to follow the curves of parking lanes and more.

It won’t be wrong to say that vinyl is the most durable, and widely used material when it comes to tapes.

Their versatility allows them to be used for various purposes!

Vinyl tape can conform and stick to a variety of surfaces. The high stretch capabilities mean that it can also be removed relatively cleanly, from the surfaces. Mostly, vinyl tapes are available in black, but electricians prefer using the variety of colors available. There’s also a translucent version available these days!

You can write over vinyl tapes with markers and pens, color code your packages and items, seal ducts and leaks, and do so much more! Your imagination is the limit. Here are some of its uses, discussed in detail:


Vinyl Tapes as a visual aid


Factories and warehouses often consist of big open spaces where it is important to mark out areas for functionality. So, how does one demarcate the corridors and lanes, or the hazardous no-go regions within?


Vinyl tapes can be used to mark aisles or color code areas on the floor for multiple purposes. This helps to enhance the workflow within the facilities and also ensure the safety of the workers there, as it reduces the occurrence of accidents.  Of course, the plain concrete buildings often gain some personality as a result of the exercise as well. Industrial-strength vinyl floor tapes are conformable and can stick to any clean and dry surface.


Vinyl Tapes for electroplating and anodizing processes


Electroplating and anodizing require temperature-resistant masking capabilities, and vinyl tape delivers just that and a lot more. It can completely cover even the most irregular of surfaces for precise masking.

Also, vinyl tapes are durable and highly resistant to abrasion, making them the ideal choice for the electroplating process. The tape also holds up reasonably well against plate chemicals. These tapes are not only easy to apply but also quick and clean when removed; this helps improve the overall quality of the job.



Vinyl Tapes for paint masking


As mentioned earlier, vinyl tapes can conform to shapes, corners and bend quite effortlessly. It performs just as well on usually hard-to-stick surfaces like canvas and midsoles. Once it’s put in place, the vinyl tape becomes a strong barrier that doesn’t let the paint leak underneath. This enables you to create clean, crisp lines and even funky curves.

The tape grips every surface, and it’s quite flexible as well. So, you can cover hard curves perfectly. Vinyl tapes are also great for tacking down stencils on hard-to-stick surfaces and round areas. These tapes also survive high-temperature paint processes.  

Vinyl Tapes as a writing surface

Need a writing surface, but can’t find a whiteboard around you? Relax, vinyl tape can be used as an alternative!

Self-sticking vinyl tape can quickly go on walls to give your team a custom scheduling and planning board. It can also be used to make lines or sections on existing dry erase boards. Try using colorful vinyl tape to create horizontal and vertical lines, make flow charts, create graphs and so much more on an existing whiteboard.

Last word

And there you have it… 4 interesting ways vinyl tape can be used besides its electrical applications.

Vinyl tapes are versatile in the way they are used across industries and professions. What helps vinyl stand apart is the fact that it can withstand the most extreme of weather conditions, and once removed, it doesn’t leave any residue behind. Let us know if you have a unique use for commercial vinyl tapes; we’d like to hear about it!

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