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Is it safe to wear a waist trainer right after giving birth?

New moms are often worried about getting their pre-baby bodies back after childbirth. The pressure is immense, and sometimes leads to drastic lifestyle changes to heal the compromised abdominal muscles back into shape. This is where waist trainers come in.

The question arises; is it safe for women to wear waist trainers right after giving birth? The answer is yes. However, some things need to be taken care of.

Here is a list of things you should keep in mind if you are considering wearing a waist trainer right after giving birth.

Go for High-Quality Waist Trainers

While some good quality waist trainers can be slightly expensive, it is worth the investment. High-quality waist trainers are completely safe to wear right after childbirth. Moreover, you will be maximizing the benefit of a waist trainer by investing in one with high quality.

Women sometimes look for affordable options and end up wearing one that does more harm than good. Make sure you go for quality instead of low price.

A Waist Trainer should be Comfortable

A waist trainer should be tight, but it should not be causing you pain when you wear it. Any discomfort or pain caused by a waist trainer means you are doing something wrong. Consider talking to a professional or changing to a better quality waist trainer if you experience high discomfort levels.

A waist trainer basically compresses your skin to get it back into shape and puts slight pressure on your muscles and organs to go back to their original positions. Discomfort can be a sign that it’s not working the way it should.

Don’t go for old wives’ hacks

Waist trainers today are designed keeping in view the health of the women wearing them. However, the concept has been around from centuries. Women used to bind their bellies and wear corsets made from wood, bone and even metal to trim their waists after childbirth. Though it worked, the price to pay was huge.

A lot of health complications resulted from binding the body, including rearrangement and compression of vital organs. The waist trainers today have come a long way, and are designed keeping in mind the needs of a postpartum body and the overall health of the women wearing them. Instead of binding your belly in other old age ways, consider investing in a waist trainer.

Monitor your Health

If you are recovering from a C-section, you would keep the incision area in mind while choosing a waist trainer for your postpartum body. It is recommended to take your doctor’s advice while picking a waist trainer and the number of hours it should be worn.

You should also make sure the incision is partially healed before you start wearing a waist trainer. It is a good idea to start with a postpartum corset or girdle and then move to a waist trainer when the incision has healed.

You should also make sure you keep monitoring your health while you are wearing a waist trainer. If you feel pain or start feeling lightheaded or faint, it means the waist trainer is possibly too tight.

Waist trainers are an easy and convenient way for women to get back into shape quickly after childbirth. They should, however, be used carefully keeping the woman’s health in mind.

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