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List of the Greatest Paraphrasing Sites You Should Know

When producing content for any other person than your eyes, you need to watch out for instances of plagiarism. It is frowned on by both the academics and search engines. Other people wouldn’t be happy if you take credit for something that’s not your own.

It is though, sometimes, it can be unintentional. To avoid this; proper paraphrasing will prove useful, especially if you are yet to find suitable online paraphrase services. Below is a list that will make your search for an ideal paraphrasing tool, easier:

The Best Spinner

It is easy to use and quite fast. You can choose the quality of the paraphrased article that you would like from its three levels of quality. From one that’s minimal to heavily analyzed, depending on your needs.

Some of its appealing features are the functionality to rewrite full sentences, and a thesaurus stored in the cloud. You can create a list of your favorite synonyms and check the spun articles, against another.


If you need a quick paraphrasing help, this site may do. An article spinner can be human controlled or just software. It is human controlled and therefore produces better results.

They also offer keyword help. This feature is useful for marketers, especially.

SEO Tools Center

Their paraphrase tool works like a human and will help you create unique content. You can use its robust library of synonyms to help you rewrite paragraphs. It first scans the content and provides you with a suggestion which you can use to replace the existing words.

These alternate words are highlighted, and you can opt to change it or sue the original word.

Content Professor

It has a database that evolves depending on the user input. It also includes a thesaurus that’s multilingual. They offer free and paid membership, and you can choose the one that meets your needs.

Additional features you can access is its integration with plagium and Copyscape. They also use advanced technology in matters, spell checker. Once you have produced an ideal article with it, you can generate the material, in the format of your choice.

Purdue OWL

It is a site by Purdue University that offers resources on paraphrasing. It is ideal for those who want to test their skills, and improve them. It provides the user with steps that are easy to follow.

So, when you don’t have access to a paraphrasing site, you can always use your acquired skills.

Sometimes you need different features, all in under one roof. If so, plagiarism may be a life changer. It is an article spinner, essay rewriter, grammar checker, and plagiarism detector.

Therefore, you can check the final copy against many other criteria, at the same time. Thus, saving you time, and allow you to move to the next project.

Small SEO Tool

It scans content and replaces the words that have a synonym. They will be highlighted for you to identify them. Clicking on the highlighted words allows you to find other synonyms for the words or revert to the original word.

Also, you have the option of adding your own words. You can also integrate it with Grammarly, one of the favorite Grammar checkers, available.


There are numerous paraphrasing sites, and this may give you a rough time in finding one that will work, as per your needs. With the above list, we hope that your search will be less burdensome. Give them a try, and identify one that suits your requirements.

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