The Social Media Marketer’s Guide to Instagram Marketing
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The Social Media Marketer’s Guide to Instagram Marketing

Gone are the days when referral marketing used to be the only option for marketers to promote their products and services in the market. With the arrival of the Internet, there was a drastic impact on the marketing, lifestyle, and business, as well as, it revolutionized the way of communication. For marketers, the Internet and the digital marketing, in particular, has been a determining factor in the last decade, as it relatively changed the way of advertising and promoting the brand and its various offerings.

Needless to say, there are several formats of digital marketing and one of the most popular medium is the social media where platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn suit the marketing needs of most people. However, visuals have been known for delivering the best form of engagement and better results, which makes Instagram the stand-out platform among all.

Visual Marketing and Instagram

Although the premier social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have also been engaging audiences with visuals, these social communities and multimedia channels have not been able to touch the groundbreaking performance the way Instagram did. There are many reasons behind this drifting change with one being the mobile-exclusive nature of Instagram that allows users to browse visuals at their fingertips on the go. On top of that, Instagram only supports visual content, unlike its other social media counterparts that makes it highly likely for users to engage more on Instagram. If you are looking for visual marketing of your business, Instagram is undoubtedly the first ideal choice to meet your social media marketing requirements.

Why Promote on Instagram?

While there is more than one reason to advertise on Instagram, let’s start with the numbers game, as Instagram parades more than 800 million active users with more accounts keep on adding each minute. If the numbers game is not convincing enough for you, there are more than 80 million posts being shared on the platform every day on an average, making it the leading social media channel in terms of user engagement with a jaw-dropping 4.21% engagement rate. For boosting your engagement on Instagram, you can browse websites such as

The Social Media Marketing Benefits with Instagram

Here are some of the benefits of marketing your business on social media with Instagram being your choice of the promotional tool:

  • The synergy and inter-connection of Facebook and Instagram allow you to leverage the data from Facebook in order to target your audience in a much-enhanced manner. Basically, Facebook serves as the sister platform for Instagram, which makes provisions like advertising easier for marketers who are using Instagram for the first time but are familiar with Facebook.

  • Instagram confers results in terms of your success as an influencing marketer and increasing your brand awareness rather than taking likes, comments, and follower growth into account. In addition, Instagram serves better ROI and is also less time-consuming compared to other marketing platforms.


If you are looking to boost your social media reach, opting for Instagram is the ideal choice you can make. Packed with numerous features and impressive add-ons, the platform is the growing hub for more marketers.

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