How to Handle Website Traffic? The Problems in Generating Web Traffic
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How to Handle Website Traffic? The Problems in Generating Web Traffic

Today everyone has become so internet savvy that the movement they open their internet browsers and input the keyword of their choice, they want instant information. In case there is a delay of even a fraction of a second, they get irritated. Why about someone else? I myself get irritated if I don’t get the required information fast. Maybe that is the human psychology. We become so used to luxuries that even a slight disturbance in our schedule will trouble us a lot.

The importance of website traffic and the problem being faced

The main problem the world is facing today is that everyone wants the information fast and that too within seconds. Sometimes it becomes troublesome for the internet operators to provide the link properly even though the network is regularly maintained. In such a situation, it is advisable for the website users to have some patience and let the computer or laptop work systematically. Too many commands disturb its system. The same problem is found in the smartphones also. The browser is taking some time to provide required links.

Maybe this situation is because of the heavy traffic of website users browsing for information. Even though the website owners make every effort to maintain their website links, sometimes, unavoidable problems, and there is a delay in producing the links. So, the website traffic plays the main role and has to be handled very carefully and take initiatives to overcome this sort of problems. One more reason for this over traffic is the involvement of social media. Social media has entertained the public so much that everyone wants to express their views and opinions about everything.

Even though it is not their subject, they want to participate in the debate and prove their talent. That’s good. But when someone in the social media network likes something and posts it, many starts giving their opinions even without judging the relevance of the subject. Well, we cannot blame anyone here- neither the social media nor the account holders. Both are doing their job individually. It is the situation that is really creating unnecessary problems. Social media involves a network of website channels where people can interact with each other. Instagram is the latest and attractive network channel which allows its users or account holders to send different volumes of photos or videos.

Connect to other channels with Instagram

By using Instagram, you can connect to other channels also. You place all your photos or images or videos in the Instagram gallery, people who have an interest in that subject will definitely see your gallery. They will definitely click on the photos to see who has collected this album and the curiosity will make them check your account. When once they have tasted your feast of photos, they will definitely like it because of the clarity Instagram offers. Instagram has proved to be a good tool in storing the memorable movements of life. The clarity in Instagram photos is just superb, and if you wish to see the same photo even after some years, you will find it good. This feature is indeed good and dominates all other sources of taking photos.

An Instagram account having Instagram photos of the latest fashionable items will always attract Instagram followers and day by day the number of followers will increase. Just ensure you need to keep your followers engaged with the latest photos or information.

How to engage your followers?

Engaging the followers is a very challenging job and has to be done tactfully. Let’s find out below:

  • Whenever you are posting something, just don’t post it simply. Before posting, analyze whether whatever you are posting if good or not. If you are satisfied, only then post it whether it is a photo or a written text.

  • Ensure that your account has a good collection of photos or videos which is meaning and entertaining. If it is educative, use some text messages also to make the visual even more attractive.

  • Never post long messages because normally people won’t have so much patience to sit and read all the content until and unless they have cause for it.

  • Too many photos also make the interaction boring. So for a change ask them some funny questions and enjoy the interaction.

  • Try to interact with your followers by asking for their suggestions. Well, this tip won’t serve good in all cases. But to gain their confidence doing it once in a while is okay.

  • Always be prepared for the consequences. You never know who will comment and what will be your reaction to that. Always take the comments positively and react accordingly. This helps you maintain good rapport with your followers. However, no relation can be maintained if it is hurting the emotions of the other. So maintain that boundary is always necessary.

When you are posting something, remember you are doing it for yourself and not for your followers. So, whatever you are posting, ensure that you are satisfied with your work. Someone like it and follows you, it is a good fact. But even if you don’t have any followers, don’t panic and work towards achieving their confidence. This attitude works better when you are promoting some marketing campaigns.

How to handle website traffic?

Normally when your postings are good, definitely it will be liked by many people, and they intend to become your followers. So there is a chance of an increase in interaction between you and your followers as you grow popular. When more and more people are viewing your account to check what you have posted, your site may face website traffic problem, and not many of your followers can view your account smoothly.

Handling website traffic is a little bit tricky. You cannot hurt or avoid anyone. Because this is the field of social media and everything and anything will turn gossip even without your knowledge. If you try to avoid some followers, they may get hurt and start propagating against you which is not a good sign for you. So whatever you do, do it without their knowledge. Even if you want some of your postings to be viewed by some small group of followers, then make necessary adjustments in the settings option of your post. I don’t say this solves your problem but will hold them for some time.

Hopefully, you have enabled to gather a lot of information from this post. To know more about Instagram factors, you can stay in tune with us!

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