Tips To Pass The SAP MM Certification Exams

Tips To Pass The SAP MM Certification Exams

The SAP MM (materials management) is one of the basic modules of SAP ERP implemented in almost all SAP installations. It is mainly related to the logistic part of SAP solutions. Individual appearing for SAP MM certification test is expected to possess sufficient knowledge in the area of procurement to satisfy the consultant demands.

SAP MM tutorial is helpful for a candidate for wants to pass any such certification exams. It helps the candidate prepare for the test by making him aware of the kind of questions that he would need to answer, topics one should cover while studying for such exams.

The topics which such tutorials may contain are as follows:

  • SAP MM organizational structure
  • SAP Procure to pay process
  • Sap stock transfer process
  • Subcontracting process in SAP
  • SAP movement types
  • SAP vendor Master DATA
  • Sap purchasing information record
  • SAP MM pricing conditions
  • SAP mass maintenance
  • SAP purchase requisition
  • SAP request for quotation
  • SAP purchase order
  • SAP Purchase acknowledgment
  • SAP purchase value
  • SAP inventory valuation
  • SAP goods receipt for stock material
  • SAP goods receipt for consumable market
  • SAP stock types
  • SAP invoice verification
  • SAP MMBE stock overview
  • SAP purchase order report
  • SAP vendor invoice report
  • SAP logistics information system
  • SAP MM info structure
  • SAP MRP process
  • SAP MRP vs. CBP
  • SAP MRP types
  • SAP MRP profiles
  • SAP MM FI integration.

When one appears for SAP MM certification exam, it is expected from him to have adequate knowledge of these topics so that he would clear the exam without any hiccups. One should have a conceptual and a strong understanding of the subject. Each topic should be thoroughly read at least twice attention should be paid to fine details differentiating between some almost similar topics.

Practice tests should regularly be performed before appearing for the actual examination, and the questions where the mistake is found should be studied repeatedly; this would enable one to perform the test easily.

Topics should be studied by their valuation and weight it gets in the examination. More time should be dedicated to the topics which carry more weight. Errors in these topics should be avoided by thorough practice.

Practical preparation forms a vital way of preparation of such exam as it would enable the individual to test his knowledge in real life like situation. It would help in clearing the doubts which would not have been cleared by just reading these topics through books.

One should do sufficient practice and memorize the codes as SAP MM mostly dependent on the execution of codes. This in return would save time while performing the examination as would not require taking time in remembering those codes.

While appearing for the examination, one should always be careful how the questions are framed. The questions in the exam frequently appear to be confusing, and one can make a mistake if he doesn’t read them carefully.

The person appearing for SAP MM will surely benefit from the tutorial he follows. The only key to success is practicing the required codes and reading the frequently asked questions thoroughly.

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