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Top 10 Jobs to Apply for in 2018

Every decade or so the popularity and earning power of jobs change. This can be due to the demand for such jobs at the time. As time goes on, a lot of new positions are also created, thus broadening the spectrum for opportunities. Being a career person, you want to always be up to date with new developments happening in your industry. There is of course also the possibility that you want to change direction all together. Not everyone chooses a job based on the pay and benefits, but it does play an important role in the decision.

Having a passion for one industry is also one of those deciding factors. Finding common ground between your passion and a job where your earning power is sufficient would be a bonus. Job satisfaction is important if you are planning to stay a while and grow within an organisation. All of these factors determine success. Doing an accountant bio, when you really wish to be an engineer can be painful. It is never too late to make a career change, as long as it is a wise decision at the time. Here are the top jobs to apply for in 2018.

1. Anaesthesiologist

Administering a drug that allows people to fall into an unconscious state during surgery is an important task. A substantial amount of growth in this industry has been predicted and the need for anaesthesiologists will likely not fade. It is a secure position in the medical field and the pay is not bad as well. It is one of those jobs you can be assured of will be around for a long time.

2. Surgeon

Staying in the medical field here. A surgeon will usually work hand in hand with an anaesthesiologist and has an even bigger task ahead. Cutting into people in the hopes of correcting underlying issues has a lot of risk attached to it. This is why there individuals have a high earning power and a long lasting employment rate.

3. Orthodontist

Correcting someone’s smile is such a beautiful job to have, but it is also a respectable one. If you are working on your accountant professional biography, but feel unfulfilled, you might want to research this job. Realigning crooked teeth can instantly increase an individual’s confidence, so it is a crucial job in 2018.

4. Psychiatrist

We are no moving away from the physical and going towards mental health. These conditions can include depression and bipolar amongst many. As time goes on we are discovering more mental health issues that has been ignored for years. With new findings, psychiatrists are becoming even more important.

5. Pharmacists

Administering medicine to patients are as important as diagnosing the cause. Explaining to a patient what the side effects of certain medication is can potentially save a life. Pharmacists are highly educated individuals and can educate patients regarding any use of medicine. A man in the street might not know if he is suffering from a risky side effect if it is not explained to him. The growing need for pharmacists also create a lot of jobs and creates job security.

6. I.T. Manager

As time are evolving, there is a huge need for qualified IT managers. Companies are becoming more aware of cyber hacking and systems failing. Thus companies are employing individuals specific for these rolls. This is also not an industry based job and is wanted over a majority of sectors. It mainly depends on the company and the need within.

7. Lawyer

Qualifying as a lawyer can open a lot of doors for a career driven individual. There is always going to be a need for good defence. Besides you every day petty crime situations, companies are employing legal teams as well. Private and public sectors are in need on good lawyers, so the future is very bring for 2018.

8. Accountant

There are many qualified accountant, but not everyone is on the same level of expertise. Doing a cpa bio allows you to stand out from the masses. Most accountant are employed, but at different levels. Starting in a junior position does not mean defeat, but rather a foot in the door and an opportunity for growth.

9. Marketing Manager

All businesses need some form of marketing and joining a dynamic marketing team can be a great job opportunity. With the growth in online marketing, jobs in this position is stronger in 2018. Companies are understanding that there is great potential in promoting and marketing online.

10. Actuary

Back in the day, an actuary would work in the insurance sector, but that is slowly changing. Using mathematics and statistics to determining the financial risk to businesses is becoming popular and thus creating more job opportunities for actuaries. Most companies want to make sure if it’s worth taking a certain risk and actuaries are great at determining just that.

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