Reduce Downtown During Your Office Move With A Serviced Office

Reduce Downtown During Your Office Move With A Serviced Office

Relocating to a new space can be a daunting venture. For those leasing office space, you have to also worry about finding furniture, if you do not have any, in addition to turning on utilities and acquiring the appropriate office amenities. By the time you are ready to get down to the business of work, you have spent more money and time than necessary.

However, it is possible to find affordable office space with the serviced office. More significantly, you can lease an affordable place while drastically reducing the amount of downtime with this office style. By leasing a serviced office, you could possibly move in less than a month.

For information regarding reducing your downtime through a serviced office, please read below.

How The Plan Works

The serviced office essentially provides office space (meeting and conference rooms, private rooms, and office equipment) to professionals and business owners. The great benefit is these offices are fully furnished and include some of the best amenities. Moreover, the cost-effective factor in leasing a serviced office is that because all your utilities, phone, cable, and internet are included your bill is much lower than with conventional leasing. Check out Servcorp Philippine’s serviced office page at to see how the plan works.

Reduces Paperwork

The serviced office helps streamline some of the paperwork associated with moving into a new office. Because all of your utilities and amenities are all-inclusive, you spend little to no time having to contact several agencies responsible for making sure your office has electricity, cable, phone and other amenities. As stated previously, professionals only need move their belongings to the office as everything is in place.

Reduces The Search For Affordable Office Space

The best benefits of the serviced office are two-fold. First, the serviced office completely eliminates the need for you to look for space on your own. You simply need to tell the leasing manager of your business’s needs, and they can advise you of the best possible options. The second great benefit is these offices tend to be in some of the most high profile locations in the city. For the price, professionals get a premium space at a discounted cost.

Reduces Packing Time

With the serviced office, you no longer have to worry about buying boxes and packing tape nor do you have to worry about the logistics related to the actual move. The serviced office simplifies the entire process. Because your office space is already fitted out with the latest furniture and IT and office equipment, the only things you need to pack and unpack are the items you personally bring to the office.

Reduces The Time It Takes To Expand

Another benefit that comes as a part of most serviced offices includes the ability to scale up or down. For example, if your office is a bit small after a few years of leasing, then you only need modify your lease and the leasing company takes care of the logistics of moving you onto a larger space. If you are moving to another city and happen to be with one of the larger leasing companies, your lease might be transferable, which means as you move your lease follows you.

The Efficiency Of The Serviced Office

The serviced office has provided the modern-day businessman with the chance to lease office space in some sought-after locations in the world, including Manila. On top of occupying prestigious addresses, this office type has made moving and relocating much more efficient for business. With the serviced office, your business can get back to the business of attracting and retaining clients.

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