Shaving: The Perfect Preparation
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Shaving: The Perfect Preparation

Whether it’s a job interview, a date or simply another day in the office, there’s not better preparation than a good shave.

It’s a meditative five minutes in front of the mirror, just you and your chin, and your concentration has to be on the job in hand. If you really can shut out distractions, you’re bound to come away from a good shave feeling calm, centred and more confident in your own abilities. After all, you just wielded a sharp blade at your own face and have come away looking great! You’re a master! Meeting your girlfriend’s parents can’t intimidate you now.

Given its potential for being the perfect preparation, that means it’s worth working on perfecting your shaving routine so it leaves you at your best for the day ahead. Get it wrong, rush through it, and you could find your day ruined before it’s even begun!

The Right Tools

Before you start you need the right tools. This is not the time to start advocating for old fashioned safety razors: those that have mastered them strongly prefer them, but this is more about making you feel comfortable and in control. If a safety razor doesn’t make you feel in control, it’s no good for our purposes. Just bear in mind that more blades doesn’t necessarily mean a smoother shave – so if you’re using a cartridge razor it might be wiser to stick to fewer blades.

On top of razors you also need soap, foam or gel to lubricate the razor and help it shave more smoothly.  In this case, it is worth listening to tradition. Using shaving soap, working it into a lather and applying it with a brush gives you a product that’s softer on your skin, and gives you a genuinely better shave, as the application process lifts and separates the individual hairs on your chin to help the razor blade find and slice through them more easily.


The next, and most important ingredient is time. Rushing through your shaving routine means razor burn and cuts. You’re not going to feel ready for anything if you’re running out the door late with a glowing red chin and a face covered in small cuts.

If you have to set your alarm ten minutes earlier to give yourself the time to save in peace it’s well worth it. Lock the bathroom door, wipe the mirror clear of post-shower condensation and give this centring, meditative routine the time it deserves to get you ready for the day ahead.

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