How To Resolve Conflict In A Family Business
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How To Resolve Conflict In A Family Business

Starting a business can be a stressful, painstaking, business even at the best of times. So, when you mix this with starting a business with family members… tensions can quickly rise and cause issues, both personal and professional. Which means that you need to find solutions to these problems, sometimes before they even begin at all. Without this, you may find that your business and family breaks down in ways that you may not recover from.

So, with that in mind, what are the best ways that you can help to ensure your business and family relationships all remain civil?

Don’t Confuse Family Time and Business

Bringing business home is an easy thing to do, especially when you may live or spend a lot of time with your coworkers in the family space. However, the best thing that you can do for your family and your business is to clearly separate both. Talking about business around the family dinner table should not be allowed, nor should bringing work home for a quick ‘look over’ in the evenings. Clear boundaries early can prevent issues further down the line.


Talking to your family members can be the easiest way to resolve any issues you may have. Particularly if an issue has arisen or there has been conflict in the family business, for whatever reason. Spotting issues early, even though they may only be small grievances at this point, can help to remedy the situation at its root, rather than trying to tackle a full-grown problem.

Even when family members see each other regularly, they may not speak about what is troubling them or any of the really important matters. In this instance, a separate meeting every few months during which family members can communicate fully and simply talk to one another can be helpful. In which case, it may also be beneficial to create a space where you can effectively air grievances.

Create a Space to Air Grievances

Many issues are made worse over a long period of time due to people bottling them up, or feeling that they do not have a forum in which they can state their issues. So, being able to speak openly and air these grievances for what they are may be the only way to stop them from snowballing.

Use Professional Mitigation

In a family business, feelings will always be running high and, as a result, you may find it difficult to resolve issues quickly or even at all on your own. With the help of corporate solicitors, you can sit through a number of mediation sessions in order to try and determine what the root of your problem is and how you can solve it moving forward. This is particularly important when you need to solve a major issue that is causing your business as a whole a problem.

At the end of the day, resolving any and all issues between you and your family should be a priority ahead of any business decisions made. Especially as, if left too long, a dispute could easily lead to the breakdown of both your business and your family as a whole. Solving issues, then, as quickly and painlessly as possible is vital.

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