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Effective Ways To Make Money Using Your Website In 2018

Content creation is the bread and butter of any website. Regardless of whether it is an eCommerce website or a personal blog, content is what drives people to visit and share. While many have generated content that has added value to people’s lives, a majority of them also earned a sizeable profit from it.

Want to get in on the action? Assuming you already have a website and are generating traffic, you have already done the brunt of the work. Now, all you need to do is maintain that traffic and explore some of the best ways to monetize your website.

Website Improvements to Improve Traffic

Make sure it is device adaptive

One of the first things you need to do is ensure your website is device adaptive because it has become quite a significant ranking signal on Google. Further, this means that your website can still offer quality user experience whether a user visits through mobile or tablet. For this, you might want to consider using a website builder first before investing in a dedicated designer.

Customisable templates on website builders are usually already device adaptive and SEO-friendly. So it will take you less time and money to get your website going.

Be frequently active

You do not get significant and organic traction until your website is active for 3 to 6 months. If you have a blog page on your eCommerce website, take that opportunity to continue churning content, at least 2 articles per week. This increases the content that Google can crawl on your website. And if any of your posts contains a solution to a user query, your website will be prioritized more.

Post quality content

Which leads us to the next tip: do not just post any kind of content, make sure these are useful. Note that Google knows if a content is just a filler or if it is good content. So make sure you’re adding to the conversation. If you are having a hard time thinking of topics, you can follow Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Technique.

The Skyscraper Technique basically tells you to look at the most visited posts online that are related to your website. Write your own content on it, and then add new information. Finally, reach out to the right people to share your content.

Share on social media

Share your content online incessantly. Join communities, group pages, and even forums so you can reach your target audience.

Monetising Your Website

Google AdSense

There are a lot of companies paying Google to advertise on a per-click basis, and Google AdSense is the platform that allows them to do so. It will also enable you to apply to be one of the websites where these advertisements are hosted.

Native Advertising

Basically, when people scroll down your website, they will see recommended content to click through. You have probably already seen this on popular websites, with recommendations down at the bottom that will lead you outside of the page. Just like Google AdSense, you will be paid on a per-click basis.

Affiliate marketing

This is considered to be one of the most lucrative ways to earn money through your website. The concept is simple: for every lead or sales generated, you will get to earn a commission from it. There are countless websites dedicated to just affiliate marketing like Agoda (selling hotel rooms) or ThinkGeek (selling collectibles).

Private Advertising

If you have significant traffic, like a few thousand every month, you will definitely attract companies who will negotiate with you privately. This is one of the reasons why “Influencer Marketing” is becoming a trend. Most famous Instagrammers or Youtubers are being paid to feature different products or services, and the same applies to bloggers.

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