How To Move Your App from Objective-C to Swift?

With the release of Swift, many existing apps are going to convert its Objective-C code into Swift code. Technically, Swift is a bit advanced and modern iOS app development language and comes with many distinct advantages.

It tempts iOS app developers and app owners to convert Objective-C code from Swift code for many existing iOS applications in the market. The conversion trends are rising, and iOS developers are searching easy and reliable ways to do such conversions rapidly.

Objective-C to Swift Converters

In due course, X-Code can help iOS developers to accomplish Objective-C to Swift conversion directly or using X-Code extensions. Of course, third-party converters are available in the market and convert the entire Objective-C codebase into Swift codebase automatically.

However, from a technical point of view, such converters are not preferable because Swift paradigm is quite different from Objective-C in many respect and direct conversions lead to several errors.

If you are interested to know the detailed process step-by-step and some useful tips regarding Objective-C to Swift conversion, I would like to refer you my latest blog “How to Switch Your Apps from Objective-C to Swift” at SysBunny.

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