Why It Is Important To Have Social Profile When Seeking For A Job
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Why It Is Important To Have Social Profile When Seeking For A Job

If you are like me, you probably have to weigh the pros and cons of every social media platform before opening an account. And we are all aware that social media has become a useful tool in the hiring process. It’s not just for the employers but the job seekers too.

LinkedIn, in particular, is used by various companies for hiring. Thus calls for the need for LinkedIn profile development services. If you are still not convinced on why you need a social media profile, below are reasons why:

• A glimpse beyond your resume

Your profile can help the prospective employer to uncover a lot about your character and personality. While you may need to find proper writing a LinkedIn recommendation help, you should also practice caution on other social media platforms. It is so because hiring managers don’t only check out your profile on professional sites.

• Familiarize yourself with the company

When you look at the profiles on social media for the companies you would like to join; it will give you a more in-depth understanding of the company. From its culture, tone, and even their expectations about applicants. It is useful, especially when researching about the organization.

• Validate a Candidate

When your background information is a perfect fit for the requirements of a particular job, you become an ideal candidate. Employers often check candidate’s profiles on social media, to help them determine if you are who you say you are. That means the information you provide on social media and resume should be consistent and match.

• Connect with like-minded individuals

Social media offers you the chance to join a great many groups that align with your interests. It doesn’t have to be a group about the latest gossip in the area; you can also choose one that’s relevant to your career interests. You will not only connect with other job seekers, but it will be an added platform to access industry-specific insights.

• Provide a Professional Image

To maintain your social media profile you have to be active. The chances of impressing an employer are higher when you have a vibrant profile and not one that gets updated sporadically. Check the privacy settings of everything that you post.

For your li profiles needs, you have to get a headshot that’s decent. Pay attention to details. Be it the grammar, spacing, capitalization to punctuation.

• Find Latest Job Postings

Recruitment companies and employers can post any open opportunities on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. And that makes your job search more comfortable when you use social media. For Twitter job search, use company hashtags and titles of the job.

• Demonstrate Communication Skills

You have to behave appropriate details on social media. Refrain from engaging in arguments, negative rants and profanity. Your profile and status updates show evidence of your communication skills.

Abide by the rules of Grammar. The same applies to your tweets. Show your creative side; it may get you a step closer to landing your dream job.

• Show your Interests

Share the activities and volunteer involvements that you engage in your free time. Keep away from mentioning interests that are extreme or controversial. Try not to divulge your personal preferences; it may have a negative impact on your prospects.


Social media platforms are changing the recruitment process. And as a job seeker, you can use it to your advantage.

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