Is Your Child Safe Online?

Is Your Child Safe Online?

Given how important your child is to you, are you ever concerned he or she is not as safe as they should be?

That said it is important to put in place as many safeguards for the little ones you love so much.

So, is your child safe online?

What Steps Are You Taking to Protect Your Child?

Each time your child gets online on the family computer or a smartphone if they’re old enough to have one, do you worry?

In the event you answered yes, you should take prudent steps to safeguard your child as much.

Among the steps to consider:

  1. Protection Plan – From identity theft to predators, there are people to harm your child. With that in mind, you should consider an online protection plan to better protect your child. For example, have you looked into a LifeLock Junior membership or similar brand plan? The right protection plan protects your child from those looking to steal their info. This can include a Social Security number and their credit cards should they be old enough to have. With the right protection plan for your child, you have one less thing to worry about.
  2. Never Talk to Strangers – How many times have you warned your child about talking to strangers? Unfortunately, some children don’t heed the warnings from their parents. As a result, they can be in a dangerous situation. With that being the case, be sure to educate your child on not talking to strangers both in-person and online. Sexual predators using the Internet to stalk kids are as dangerous as those on the streets. Your child should only communicate online with individuals he or she knows.
  3. Social Media Accounts – If your kid has a social media account or two, do you take steps to track them on a regular basis? In the event you do not, your child could be at risk. With that in mind, oversee their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other accounts. No, you do not have to be the social media police and make it difficult for your kid to socialize online with friends. That said you should know who they are talking to at all times.
  4. Stay on Top of the News – Sure, you may well be quite busy with work, running a family, even going to school on your own. That said you should be aware of what is going on around you. As an example, if there’s been a rash of identity theft cases going on, did you know about them? What if a sex offender moved into your neighborhood? Were you aware he or she is there? Although you may not like to think about or hear negative news, you better serve your family being on top of things.

Keeping your child safe out in public can be a full-time job itself.

With that in mind, do whatever it takes to keep them safe when online too.

If you don’t, you and they may both regret it.

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