Psychometric Testing To Recruit Candidates By Software Companies

Psychometric Testing To Recruit Candidates By Software Companies

Recruiting new workforce is one of the major duties the HR department of the company faces. The unimaginable number of applications that come for the job vacancies makes the head of the HR fret. But, he can simplify matters by using one simple solution. He can use the screening tests provided by the software companies.

Use of Question Banks

The software companies make plenty of question banks on a variety of topics for use by the recruiting companies. Since they help filter the candidates for the final interview, you can remain assured that they are tough. TheNextHint in the field frame these questions. By using these tests, the recruiting company can filter thousands of candidates and select the handful they need in one single step.

One of the most important tests most of the leading companies use for their screening tests is the psychometric test. Apart from the technical tests to check for the knowledge of the candidate in the specific subject, you must also check the aptitude for work. This is where the psychometric tests for recruitmentcome in.

The Format of the Psychometric Test

Psychometric Testing To Recruit Candidates By Software Companies

The psychometric tests check the cognitive abilities alongside the skills the person has. It checks this through a series of questions on topics such as numerical analysis, diagrammatic reasoning, verbal skills, and logical reasoning. Each helps to find out the skill of the candidate in one specific field. For instance, the verbal reasoning will test how well the person communicates with the customers and how they react to specific situations. If you need someone to work in the customer complaints section, the way the candidate answers to these questions will tell you how suitable they are for the job.

The recruiting company can add or delete some of the questions provided by the software company in its question bank. For instance, the recruiting company may want someone who knows how to work with Microsoft Excel. So, they will include questions on this topic. And, they will select only those who know the right answers to these questions.

Second Important Test

Another important screening test is the Pre Employment Personality Test. This checks the person for personality traits and good behavior. They should have good body language and have the confidence needed to carry out the work. By doing this screening test, the recruiting company comes to realize the potential fit the candidate has for the job. For instance, a person may have a thorough knowledge of the subject but due to his shy disposition, will not carry out the work as needed. Knowing this aspect of the person helps you select the better person for the job vacancy.

You have many aspects of the personality test. One is the Hogan personality test that measures how well you relate to the others. The assessment of the personality as traits and styles helps you in detecting situational responses and hence determine the best person for the job. They do this assessment as a combination of objective tests and projective measures. This is a combination of the assessment the person does and the responses got by the observers at the point of collection of the responses.

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