Cloud Computing – The New Challenges Of Database Consulting and Data Management

Data analytics and Data Science Ruling The World

If you are someone who is looking to pursue a technical course or a degree, you would have definitely come across these terms. Data analytics courses are hot selling technical training courses along with a recognized certificate. Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, and Delhi are some of the cities which have a high demand for data analysts and data scientists. The way these jobs have grown significantly over the others is because of the way the companies have started to operate. All the companies now have tons and tons of data which they collect every day and this data has to be processed into meaningful insights which can be later translated into business decisions. This is exactly what companies want a data scientist to do.

Data science course teaches you the basic to advanced operations with data to form meaningful insights and patterns. These patterns reflect the way how people interact with the business. Most of the business like an FMCG would like to know their top-selling SKU and what is the USP for their brand. This will typically help them in scaling their business. Hence the decision points coming from a data scientist is very important that it can change the way how a business operates. Data science is a complex term which includes data collection, data segregation, data processing, and data analysis and data solution. So a data scientist is responsible to drive data analysts to get the data into meaningful dots and he will draw patterns across these dots.

The job scenario for someone who has learned these courses and is able to put his/her work is looking very good. Salaries are the best in the IT industry and growth is very often. There is work-life balance along with good remuneration which has made data scientist as the sexiest job of 2017. If all these things are not convincing enough for you make your job in this field then you must be crazy. There is a slight requirement for coding knowledge in data analysts as the tools you use are built upon these codes. Java is a base and python knowledge will help you do advanced operations on the data. R & SAAS will also come in handy. So a data scientist is a code with a good sense of business knowledge who can drive the business. Hence the huge demand and the high paycheck.



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