BSc OT Technology : A Rising Trend In Paramedical Sciences

BSc OT Technology : A Rising Trend In Paramedical Sciences

The field of Bsc OT technology is rising in India. More and Moore students are getting into this field. Once you do the course of BSc OT, you would become an OT technologist. You would be responsible for ensuring the availability of needed drugs and Equipment, ensuring cleanliness and proper hygiene, disinfection, and purification of required articles, making sure proper working of machines and Equipment required, managing records and troubleshooting if required. The nature of job varies slightly as per the institute.

Who is a technician?

After doing the course of BSc OT, you become a technician.  An operation theatre technician is an individual who keeps an eye on work and management of operation theatre. It includes managing patients in and out of operation theatre, taking care of all surgical instruments, their cleanliness, proper arrangement of operation theatre table, dressing the table, proper care of the instrument table, anesthesia table and management of staff.

Backbone of hospitals

The technicians look after drugs that are required for surgery, anesthetic gases, drapes and all linen and their cleanliness. These technicians also assist the surgeon during operations. All in all, operation theatre technicians have to upkeep and organize entire of the operation theatre in the absence of which no surgeon can operate on patients and neither can hospitals, health center or a nursing home run or be complete. These technicians are known as the backbone of operation theatre.

Excellent supervision

Once you do operation theatre course, you get to learn so much about the operation working and the working of the technicians.  How they work and which are the machines that are used in the operations; everything is told to the students. Whether you talk about a theoretic aspect or the practical one; everything is taught in these courses. Of course, these technicians work under the proper supervision of doctor and surgeons.

Operation Theatre Technology work as the reliable and trustworthy members of health care teams under the guidance nursing anesthetic and surgical staff during surgery. These professionals work in private and government hospitals, proper nursing homes or healthcare settings. You can find them working in private centers and hospitals. Sometimes these technicians are called at odd times too at the time of emergency.  It is needless to say that these technicians work as an important part of an operation.

It is important for you to know that it is a job oriented paramedical zone and gives tremendous job opportunities. Because of the quickly increasing medical care facilities in government as well as private sector, there is a lot of scope for the operation theatre assistants and technicians. In India, many new jobs are opening up in the field of allied health science. Trying your hand in this field won’t be a bad idea. If you always wanted to be in the field of medicine but you don’t want to become a doctor then you can definitely become a part of medical allied services.

Thus, the bottom line is that are many courses in this paramedical field and you can join them right after your 10th, 12th or even graduation. You need to check them out as per your preference and interest.

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