Never Too Late: Tips For Career Change At 40+
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Never Too Late: Tips For Career Change At 40+

You already have decades of experience. You have worked your way up to where you are now. However, you still feel that you want fulfillment in what you do. How do I change careers in my 40s?

Maybe you are wondering whether employers will consider you. You feel stuck but have the desire to write your resume statement of purpose. Below are tips to help you transition from one career to another, despite your age:

• Is it the Career or Job?

You know you have been unhappy in the current job, and feel the need to try something new. You aren’t the only one who has been in a predicament and most likely won’t be the last one.

Before you leap, find out what it is that you want. Is it the job that drives you crazy or do you feel like you don’t belong in a particular career path? Sometimes the burnout comes from the position and not the field you are in, i.e., you are in the right area, but the wrong job.

• Know Your Options

When looking for a suitable service, maybe for a statement of purpose resume, you first get to know your options. The same should apply in determining the career that you would like to pursue. You will have to do some soul-searching.

Keep the excuses at bay, as they will only result in procrastination. It is the time to discover what will make you happy. Research on the requirements and the options available to you. Take into consideration what you feel is important, say, you are planning on early retirement, or would like to go to school again.

• Leap of Faith

You are daunted about starting afresh. The fear of failure is nagging at you. To find the satisfaction that you are yearning for, you need to take chances. Analyze the potential risk factors that you will have to face.

Separate the myths and what is real. It will help you tack control. There will be times when your comfort zone will beckon, and familiarity will be appeasing, but you have to step out of it.

• Make use of Your experience

You are not like a fresh graduate, and your portfolio is rich. Create a list of your experiences, valuable skills acquired and another section for transferable skills. Your experience is of importance.

Don’t forget the achievements made over the years. Plan for the career change. Find out what is expected of you when you switch careers and position yourself accordingly. Don’t forget your contacts.

Reach out to them, but remember to offer them something of value, in return.

• Execute

You have done your research. Now you know which industry you would like to get in, have an understanding of what to expect; it is time for execution. Go for further studies if needed. Get adult internship where necessary.

If you need to go back to school; do so.


You can have a fresh start, as long as you are willing to take the first step. Don’t let fear hold you back. Find a reliable statement of purpose for job services, if you need to. Take that leap of faith.

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