A Mother’s Love is Indeed Unconditional: Appreciating the Bliss of Being with Mom

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe everything to my mother.” Often, I’d hear stories of my mother and how I was born from other people close to her. Not that I’d want to be brought down to my knees every time I hear one, but memories like those never fail to make me sad and happy at the same time.

You carried me in your womb for close to at least ten months, and some people around you including doctors would jokingly say that I was one stubborn baby. Having been married to dad for at least four years before getting pregnant with me, “Stubborn” was the last thing you’d want to describe me.

Some doctors wondered what was taking me too long to come out. Being the scaredy cat that you are, along with the consent of the doctors, you risked everything for me and decided to go under the knife.

Being a nurse, I just recently found out what a daunting and painful task that had to be when you were on the table.

The cesarean went smoothly. Well, at least for me. Doctors finally had a sigh of relief when they brought me to you for latching. You would often say that I was the size of a 375ml Coke bottle.

Years of being exposed to a ton of surgeries still can’t prepare me when I see a mother on a table about to undergo a c-section. I can’t imagine how it was for you.

All grown up, I wonder why there were a lot of basketballs, toy cars, robots, and other baby boy stuff lying around the house. Even some of the baby clothes I was wearing that got stashed away in a dusty old bag were for cute little lads. Grandma was the one who shed light on this query of mine.

Grandma told me that in the four years of expecting me, mom and dad had a hunch that I was going to be an NBA player someday.

An assortment of small basketballs, small hoops, and even the crib was themed to be like a mini basketball court. I asked grandma, “Did they get disappointed when they found out I was a girl?”

With a bit of a smirk on her face, grandma told me: “If they were disappointed in you being a girl, they’d slap the life out of your butt when you came out. You made them wait for four years for their gift. The moment you got out, it didn’t even matter if you were a boy or a cat.”

We all laughed whenever grandma tells us that story. For four years I made you guys wait. I can’t imagine how you guys felt because of that situation. Every time I get to remember something from my past, being the snot-filled kid that I was, would always bring chuckles to myself.

I remember this thing happening to me on my first day of kindergarten. My old teacher told me that I was just like a cat, scratching and clawing at the door because you left me on my own on the first day.

I remember sitting down on the chair with my face all red from the crying. I didn’t know at first, but something inside of me felt somewhat hot. It was so warm that I ended up crying and calling for help.

The teacher came running towards me only to find out that I had peed myself. When mom finally got back to take me home, my teacher hilariously detailed everything about the fiasco I was in before she came. I remember mom laughing with her and apologizing on behalf of me for peeing in my skirt.

I could go on and on about a hundred more childhood experiences, yet still, this would pale in comparison to the joy of you being with me right now. I’m 27 years old, 39 weeks deep in pregnancy and you’re holding my hand while you sleep on the chair beside me.

Your wrinkly hand holds mine while you’re asleep, ensuring that if anything happens, you’d be awake and go with me. I see you peacefully asleep, tired from carrying that fruit basket to the 24th room on the 5th floor of the hospital. Never did I hear you yelling at me for being a single mom.

Not once did I hear you raise your voice at me for being a delinquent who ended “chewing up more than she bargained for.”

Now, it’s my turn to give birth to a gift. Even if this wasn’t according to plan, I’m still happy that it’s you who’s with me in this time of need.

Although this may sound silly, I wish I was there with you when you were giving birth to me. I want to hold your hand and assure you that everything turned out good for me, especially with you, mom, here by my side.


A mother’s love is always above everything else in this world. From the womb, moms meticulously take care of their young and Seed Heritage. If they start growing old and frail, mothers would still care for their kids even if they’re all grown up.

Even if their sons or daughters would do wrong, even if the world hated them, a mother would hug and love them still.

The story above is how my mom made me happy even if I didn’t deserve it at all. Through a ton of problems showering over me, not once did she deny taking care and helping me. I’m a nurse and earning just enough, and I admit, it’s kind of a shame that I still depend on my mom. Whatever other people say, I love my mom to bits; I love my mom always.

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