Review Of Best Online Text Summarizing Tools 2018

Review Of Best Online Text Summarizing Tools 2018

A summarizing tool can make your life very easy when you are stuck with a complicated task. For easy and effective summarizing of text, you are better off using this tool. There is no reason for you to sit and read through an entire book just to compile a summary in the end. It is important to find the best summarizing tools because a lot of these website offer you the world and don’t deliver. A good summary maker does not simply paste text together, but actually do so in a way that makes perfect sense to the human eye. Here are some of the best online text summarizing tools.


This automatic tool helps you summarize text beautifully. There is a textbox provided where you can copy and paste your text into. It’s simple, easy and get to work in a quick and efficient manner. There is not much else you have to do other than entering your text to receive a beautiful summary or your article or essay. If I had to summarize this article I would use this summarizing tool.


You can change the number of words you want in your summary, so it gives you control over the length, which some tools do not offer. Whoever designed this tool thought it through. The spacing is done well and you are left with no grammatical errors. Another great feature is that you can share your summary directly on social media. This can be used to promote your article or blog post. It is of course not limited to online work, but it does have great benefits if you are.

Free Summarizer

Another great summarizing tool is this one. You enter your text into the text box and select the number of sentences you want your summary to be. Once your summary is done, you will receive it via email. A lot of people do not want to give their email addresses out, but there might be an advantage to this. Whenever you need to go back to your summary, you know it is right there in your inbox.


Probably one of the most advanced summarizing tools online has to be Topic Marks. This tool use a complicated algorithm to help summarize your text in the best way. With this tool you can be sure to only have the most important points in your summary. This is great because your summary should not include any unnecessary points. Remember that a summary needs to communicate the entire document almost as effectively as the actual article or essay would. With this website you are not limited to easy to read documents. Legal documents and academic text can also be done on here. If you have some complicated text that you are working with, this website can do it all.

Summarizing Biz

If you are in a hurry and cannot wait for your summary to arrive via email, you might want to give this tool a try. You are able to summarize your text in a matter of seconds. If you are looking for a summary generator in your own words you have the option to do so.


Perhaps you have a PDF document that you want to summarize. This is a great tool for this purpose. You can of course also use this for typed out text but it does come in handy when you have a PDF document. This service is free of charge and can be used by anyone. As the name suggests, this is simple to use and works effectively. What sets this one apart from all the others are the English lessons you can find on the website. If you are wanting to grow your vocabulary or learn to speak English, this website is great. Even if you are already fluent in English, it never hurts to do a lesson. You might pick up some great tips on grammar issues.

Essay Editor

This website offers a lot and they do deliver. You do not have to worry about typos and delayed service with Essay Editor. They also promise to not leave out any important information which is refreshing. It does not take as quick as other summarizing tools, but the results are worth waiting for.

Text Compactor

For a free summarizer, this tool definitely does what it says. You enter your text into the text box and your summary appears as soon as you enter it. It’s extremely fast, but you might have to read over the summary to make sure it has a good flow to it.


If you are looking for good information about summarizing tools, you must visit this website. They break everything down in a way that makes sense to those who have the task of summarizing. Before you start doing anything, it is always advisable to do the proper research and this is the website you want to start with.


A great way to summarize text is through this website. It’s pretty standard copy and paste. These types of summarizing websites work almost in the same manner, but the way your text is summarized is where you need to separate the good from the bad.


This is another great tool to do some research on summarizing. There are some great resources on the website and can only be of benefit. If you are not a fan of using an online summarizing tool and need to learn how to do it yourself, you want to check out this website. With the amount of information you find on here, you can surely learn how to so this task yourself.


There are so many summarizing tools out there and it seems like most of these are great. It really depends on what you are looking for in a summarizing tool. Find one that communicates your message effectively and in a short amount of time. There is one for everyone and for all the summarizing needs you have.

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