Why Will The Next Generation Of Enterprise Apps Benefit Most From AI?

Why Will The Next Generation Of Enterprise Apps Benefit Most From AI?

Besides the invention of computing, if there’s any technology that’s capable of changing human lives, it’s none other than Artificial Intelligence. Although nascent, the machine learning technology is establishing its roots in every column of the digital economy including your enterprise apps.

Tech giants such as Google is already employing AI technology in its award-winning app, Allo to enhance user experience. Google is the not the only one, Facebook, IBM, Apple along with other big boys from Silicon Valley are betting big on AI by integrating it in their enterprise apps. The richest person in the world and co-founder of Microsoft ‘Bill Gates’ is also promoting the integration of AI into mobile apps.

Despite the hype and support from leading marketers, AI’s potential is still unexplored by enterprise apps. Naturally, when a technology as huge as Artificial Intelligence enters the human sphere, the skeptics are sure to challenge its consequences. The SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk even went on to declare that the competition for AI superiority on a national scale could lead to the onset of World War III. Naturally, with both ends of a debate being so convincing, reservations against Artificial Intelligence are sure to emerge. As a mobile app analyst, however, the app economy is the biggest beneficiary of this emerging technology.

The growing use and popularity of enterprise apps have altered not just the app economy of consumer services but has created a growing demand for business functions apps in finance, HR, Sales, marketing, and more. This growing interest in enterprise apps has led many tech firms to create their own marketplaces. The 2016 report from Markets and Markets suggest that “Mobile Enterprise Application Market – Global Forecast to 2021” that predicted the market would grow from $48.24 billion in 2016 to $98.03 billion by 2021.

Although AI technology comes with several challenges such as lack of in-house data experts, workers afraid of Artificial Intelligence taking their jobs, etc. tech leaders are continually striving to help clients marry their enterprise apps with AI’s robust data capabilities. Accenture’s partnership with Amazon Web Services is one of such attempts to leverage the best of AI technology.

While there are plenty of benefits, AI brings to the app economy, “Predictive Analysis” is trending to be the biggest one. The data collected by AI and ML will not only empower user-facing technologies to get a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of user interests and needs but also respond to customer needs in real-time. Integration of AI into chatbots is one such example. Facebook is using this AI information to track user activities and integrate into their advertising, media and app experience.

Finally, Artificial Intelligence can also facilitate more efficient interactions. By tracking consumer behavior, enterprises can filter out their most valuable customers and leave the lower level customer service issues to a virtual assistant.

Author Bio: Neha Baluni works as a Senior Technical Writer at MobileAppDaily. She loves jotting down her piece of opinion for the advancing technology in mobile app world.

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