Holiday Email Marketing Tips For The Year 2018
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Holiday Email Marketing Tips For The Year 2018

Months go by and email marketers need to start preparations for sending tons of email for holiday advertisements. The most important quarter of the year is here.

During the holiday season, regular email marketing campaigns may not be enough to cut through the inbox clutter. Email marketers need to have holiday-specific marketing strategies and email campaigns. In this article, let me share you some useful tips for Holiday Email marketing for the year 2018 and beyond.

  • Smart and early plan

One great technique email marketers use is to plan their marketing strategies and holiday-specific email campaigns months before the start of the holiday seasons. So if you want to stand out, plan smart and plan early.

Plan your marketing strategies by analyzing the performance report on the previous year’s holiday emails. This will let you determine the key reasons for success or failure which can contribute to your decisions on marketing strategies.

  • Interactive Emails is a big yes

One way to improve your customer engagement is to increase your email interactivity. With the use of subscription, your customers will gain knowledge about your brand which can also build trust between you and them.

  • Using Customer’s data

How well you can leverage the data to understand your customer can have an impact on the success of your marketing campaigns. For a relevant email targeting, you need to segment your customers based on their purchase cycle and make personalized offers that will appeal to their specific needs.

  • Avoid the spam list

It is important to remember that offering discounts, sales, product launches and special offers are great but the high amount of marketing emails can be overwhelming for your customers. Most likely the emails will not go through the spam filter. It is advisable to create an unsubscribe button or link in every email you sent, especially during holidays. The customers tend to look for spam button when they want to unsubscribe. To avoid spam complaints, always provide your customer a way to unsubscribe if they’re satisfied with your service and no longer needed it.

  • Optimize Accessibility

To reach more customers or users, focus on accessibility of your email marketing. Make sure that it is inclusive and accessible to everyone in your respective audience. A great start to do this is turning your phone’s accessibility option and explore your own content.

  • Theme your subject line

Creating a holiday-specific email is a great tactic for email marketing. Try to include seasonal emoji and creative, holiday-themed subject line. This will surely make the email interesting.

  • Real-time content

Most experts suggest creating emails with real-time features. With this tactic, it will give your audience an updated information about your brand via email newsletters which contribute to the improvement from the personalization point-of-view of your marketing strategy.

  • Predictive Analytics

More email marketers are now using predictive analytics for evolving their marketing game. This will allow you to get relevant customer’s insight and predict the next purchases that can use to deliver what the customer wants and needs. Also it will help in educating and introducing them to your product or services.

  • Mobile-friendly and responsive design

If you’re an email marketer, you need to have a responsive and mobile-friendly email as well. During the holiday season, more people will spend their time shopping using their smartphones (especially the last-moment shoppers). So it’s a good idea to format your emails on a mobile-friendly platforms. This will maximize your customer reach.

  • Contextual emails and Explicit permissions

Contextual or cool email is a great way to achieve relevant and useful in the box compared to your competitor. For example, including a progress bar to show the shipping status, real-time polls, and interactive surveys will definitely stand out in the inbox.

On the other hand, the importance of getting subscriber’s explicit permission will continue to increase in 2018 and beyond. Engaging content is the key to achieve your subscriber’s time, attention, and trust by providing the clarity, simplicity, and relevant information.

  • Chatbots for Growing email lists

In 2018, AI technology especially, integrated Chatbots in your email marketing program are widely available. It is a good idea to take advantage of Chatbots. A customizable bot can be used to engage your website users effectively by collecting their information such as name, age, location, and email addresses.

  • Stay consistent

Having a creative and holiday-specific design and content is a good idea, but over design or too much of it will put your brand at risk. The most important thing to remember is, your recipients must be able to recognize your brand during the holiday season for the ideas and designs you’re offering.


There’s no better time to start planning out effective marketing strategies during this holiday season. Now it’s the perfect time to start implementing your strategy for holiday emails marketing. This is the time of the year where more people spend time shopping for presents and enjoying the time with their loved ones as well.

So, it’s smart to take advantage!

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