How To Get Over Your Fear Of Being Rejected

How To Get Over Your Fear Of Being Rejected

In life, not all we pursue or purpose to achieve, turn out as we hoped. You may have faced rejection in your personal or professional life. It could be applying for a particular position or in a relationship.

The fear of rejection is that fear that convinces a person that others won’t accept them for some reason. This fear influences one’s behavior, beliefs and decision making. It may cause one to be a people pleaser and not their true self.

You may have invested a lot of your time and effort into your MBA statement of purpose, only to get rejected by the admission board. How then do you overcome the fear of rejection and continue in pursuit of your desires?

  1. Know what you want

To overcome your fear of rejection, you have to understand what you want and why you want it. These reasons will motivate you to make changes in your life. Dig deep into the core of your being to find out why what you want is important to you.

Point out the consequences of not acting on your fears. If an action is beneficial to you, then, what does, inaction imply?

  1. Face your fears

Depending on how you handle your concerns, it may keep you from taking action. When negative thoughts about your MBA sop starts to creep in, due to fear, don’t let them overpower you. Sometimes, inaction feels like the more comfortable option.

However, this avoidance will only fuel the negative thoughts and thus strengthen your fears. Step out of your comfort zone and be prepared to face some discomfort. You have nothing to lose if you take action, do you?

Develop the “I will survive” attitude. Think of five constructive ways that you can cope with a rejection of any sort. It will aid in reducing your fears around the possibility of a denial.

  1. Use your imagination

The way we think does not determine how we feel. Since emotions are quicker than thought, it is easier to think differently than the later. In a situation where you would feel insecure, use your imagination and rehearse acting and feeling differently.

To change you have to think differently. Constructively use your imagination.

  1. Purpose to improve

Overcoming your fears isn’t a one-time thing. It is going to be an ongoing process that will test your dedication and willpower. You have to work on improving yourself consistently.

Your interactions with other people will expose you to criticism, rejection, judgment, etc. from others. No matter how many times you try to please everyone, not all people will like you. Assert yourself by saying what you want and asking for it.

The more confidence you gain in yourself, the better you will be at dealing with rejection. With time, others will look up to you, and some may model your character.

  1. Focus on how you want to feel

If working on your statement of purpose for MBA, is giving you jitters, then you need to shift your focus from your fears to what you want to feel. You probably have been around people who are vocal about what they want. What you would like to ask them is, what do they want then?

The same applies to your feelings.


Rejection is part of life. Don’t let fear keep you from living the life you want.

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