Top 7 Apps Every Digital Nomad Needs

Top 7 Apps Every Digital Nomad Needs

Making a living while constantly traveling can occasionally become challenging. Multi-tasking and meeting deadlines require a strong sense of organization and often intense focus.

However, with the help of the right apps, being a digital nomad can be easier to handle. Here are seven apps that can help any digital nomad get their work done anywhere they are.


This is a cloud-based project management app that helps you to keep things organized into “boards” by adding descriptive cards and lists that represent your tasks and work elements. This is done through a series of visual rectangles, a system that’s easy to learn and use.

Trello also provides features like import/exports, social feeds, or integrate with online resources such as Dropbox or Gmail. It comes in a free version but is also available in paid Business and Enterprise versions for more capabilities.


RescueTime is a tracking app that logs how much time you spend on various apps and websites. You can opt for daily or weekly email reports.

Tracking you own activities helps you see where you’re time is going and helps to better learn self-discipline so you create more balanced and productive schedules.

It’s available in both free and per-month paid versions with additional features. RescueTime runs smoothly on Mac, Linux, PC, and Android devices.


TimeBuddy is a free and easy to use time management app. It helps you to manage a daily routine or whatever busy timelines you provide. TimeBuddy can provide alerts to help you keep appointments, travel times, or whatever you need.

It converts easily between time zones on a 12-hour or 24-hour clock for travelers or meetings with remote associates. It allows you to set up to three alarms at once. TimeBuddy is available for iOS devices only.


This iOS app allows you to translate textual as well as spoken communications in up to 90 different languages. You have to remain online to get the voice translation, but iTranslate provides audio output.

Once you install the app, you can download the language packs you need for quick and fairly accurate translations. You can save, copy, or share the output as a file.

The basic app is free, although you can upgrade to paid subscriptions. It is available for Android and Windows devices. This is the perfect app when you have to communicate with different nationalities.

One Drive

This app is Microsoft’s version of Dropbox for online storage and file sharing. For Office 365 users, it blends seamlessly with the new generation of cloud-based productivity apps you may be familiar with, like Excel and PowerPoint, plus many new ones.

Digital nomads will find it useful for storing files and accessing them easily whatever corner of the world they find themselves in. Of course, provided they have access to Internet.

The app comes bundled with Office 365 releases but costs a subscription rate of $1.99 per month for everyone else. One Drive will work with Mac, iPhone, Linux, Windows phone, and Android devices, but curiously will only operate with Windows computers running the NTFS file system.

XE Currency

This a free iPhone app from that allows you to compare currency prices from around the world to be sure you’re getting the best deals.

If you travel internationally or do business with offshore clients or partners, XE Currency lets you evaluate prices in over 180 world currencies. It’s simple to use and accurate thanks to timely updates to the online system. You can also visit the XE website for updates on what’s happening in the currency markets.

WHA by Work Hard Anywhere

This iOS app helps busy mobile users find workspaces and get things done. It allows you to search for cafes, libraries, and similar spots no matter where you are.

The database of locations is contributed by active users around the world and rated by factors like public Wi-Fi access, network speed, seating capacity, food/drinks served, privacy level, costs, and more. It also gives you users’ personal reviews.

The WHA app is free to download. If you’re a freelancer on the move, WHA will help you find a workspace that suits you.

Final Thoughts

Working and living as a digital nomad can sometimes be tough. However, so long as you have a mobile device with you, you can download a number of apps to help you keep organized, find a great place to work from, store and access files, and even communicate in a foreign language. Wherever your journey takes you, these seven apps will surely make your nomadic lifestyle a lot less stressful.

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