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4 Ways HR Departments Use Transcription Services

A busy HR department has a range of tasks they undertake on a regular basis. Some of these tasks are routine and many are highly specific to certain disciplinary and hiring situations. HR departments therefore use a variety of tools in order to respond to the demands of these tasks efficiently and in line with correct guidelines and regulatory frameworks.

One way HR departments complete tasks to a high level of transparency and skill is to use transcription. Transcription is taking an oral record of a meeting or event and transcribing it into words. Most transcription for HR purposes is verbatim, meaning that everything is written down exactly as it was spoken. Here are a few specific ways in which HR departments use transcriptions services to complete key tasks.

  1. Grievance Hearings

In definition, a grievance hearing will be contentious. And this means that anything that is said in the hearing and any action taken must be correctly documented. An accurate transcription by an impartial transcription services UK organisation can be used to check claims at a later date, to provide clarity, and to be produced in the courts. These transcripts must be available within a very short timescale since events in these cases are frequently fast-moving.

  1. Employee Consultations

When a company is undergoing extensive change or there is a major restructuring being carried out, employees must be consulted and their views should be expressed and recorded. The transcription from these meetings can be used to inform decisions made by the company and the results can be circulated to display transparency and fairness. Again, these transcriptions must be delivered within hours of meetings taking place so that the timetable of restructuring can be met.

  1. Performance Consultations

Employees are frequently assessed on their performance and this may affect pay or the type of work that they carry out. It is important for employees and employers to have a fair and accurate record of these consultations so that if there is a cause for grievance in the future it is easier to find out what exactly was said. Employees are better protected and the company can act in a fairer way regarding pay and promotion opportunities.

  1. General Minute Taking

Transcription services are also used on a day to day basis to save HR employees time. There are many occasions when minutes need to be documented, meetings transcribed, and interviews recorded for future reference. An external transcription service can save internal resources in a company.

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