Surviving a Camping Trip with Toddlers
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Surviving A Camping Trip With Toddlers

Going on a vacation is one of the best things in life. But having fun on a vacation requires good planning for it before you leave. And this is when you vacation as a couple. Once you have children, and that too toddlers, it is a whole new ball game.

Going on a vacation with children has quite a few challenges. In no way should this deter you, for it is still quite an experience. You have to see all kinds of things, such as which hotels are most baby-proofed or kid friendly tours and restaurants. This is when you are vacationing in civilization. What happens when you decide that you want to camp under the stars and enjoy all that the glorious summer has to offer? Most moms’ first thought is about all the possible things our toddlers can put in their mouths in the wild. God knows the unsavory stuff they find to put in their mouths in our homes in the middle of civilization. While that is a challenge we all have to encounter, a camping trip can be done with toddlers. In fact, toddlers can be perfectly in tune with the great outdoors. Let me tell you some tips on how to survive and enjoy an outdoor adventure with the little ones.

  1. The Younger the Better

Good news, the younger your kids the easier will be your first camping trip. So take them young and conquer the fear of the unknown.

Toddlers compared to young children are less mobile and less complicated to feed, plus sleep more often. In short, they are easy to take care of compared to young kids who are filled with boundless energy and do not sit still in the car or stay in one place. Also, it does not help that they are usually smart enough to not eat a lot of stuff. So camping with babies is better than young children and it keeps on getting better with exercise.

  1. Put Safety First

Choosing the right location to camp is very important. So firstly choose a camp site where you are hundred percent sure there is cell phone coverage in case of an emergency.

Also, understand the possible outdoor hazards that might come with your campsite. That means check out if there are lakes, and how many people are there usually (more people equals more dying and fully alight campfires) and what would the weather conditions be like.

Plus it goes without saying that a first-aid kit should accompany you on all family vacations.

  1. Some freedom to the toddlers is essential

Yes, it is a fact that they will put pretty much everything in their mouth. But a camping trip is no fun for them if you strap them to a stroller the entire time; more so if they see other bigger children going about and exploring. Let them crawl about a bit and feel their camping environment. This will help them learn, keep them happy and wear off their excess energy, paving the way for a sound sleep. Of course, keep a wary eye on them.

  1. Start early

When camping with babies, the trick is to keep them content and happy. No doubt this is a lot easier said than done, in any situation. But when you get to campsites early this gives you ample time to get organized before the legendary “witching hour” starts. Also, an early start means loads of time for the baby to take in the amazing outdoors and explore their new environment. Plus it is a lot easier to prepare baby meals when you have daylight.

Also stick to routines as much as possible. Babies love routine, it makes them feel more secure. If you usually give them dinner, a bath, a bed story and then bed, then keep it this way as much as possible on the camping trip too. The exact time can fluctuate; bed time can be one hour earlier or later. It is the whole process that the baby is counting on.

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