Falling In Love With Earthly Treasures Is Futile
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Falling In Love With Earthly Treasures Is Futile

What is the reason behind the very common grievance of people of the ‘lack of time’? The probable answer is ‘the desire for more’. Nothing is enough for the people in today’s world, they are obsessed with material pleasures and luxuries, good food, good clothes, night-outs, weekend getaways; all these top the list of necessities. In fact, more and more novel ways are being sought out just to make life easier to live and more comfortable.

But Jesus says, gathering Earthly riches is not your ultimate aim; these can only bring you temporary happiness for they are not to be yours eternally. What you should always have your eyes on is, to ensure that you live a worthy life that will help you ensure a blissful eternal life in Heaven with Jesus. The Bible which contains the words of wisdom and the teachings of Jesus Christ forms the basis of living of the Westside Family Church, who are completely dedicated to work for others within and without their own community.

Falling In Love With Earthly Treasures Is Futile

They believe that the best way to increase your faith and have a vibrant relation with God is to serve others. They have complete faith in the words of Jesus which reveal that man does not know his life span and preoccupying his mind with the pursuit of material wealth is actually a futile exercise. The moment you put material things over God in your life, you find yourself to be living empty and hollow lives, lives that do not bring any kind of satisfaction.

Instead if you see people who do not have much material wealth but have dedicated their lives to the service of God and others, they are far better content with their lives and are in fact much happier people. The members of the Westside Family Church Lenexa KS are an example of this kind of people who are dedicated to serving needy people around the globe in places like Africa, Thailand and India. They believe in promoting a living faith in Christ that does not just involve worship but a wholesome service to the community people.

They make themselves useful in places where children are constantly being exposed to the harsh realities of life. Every year there are millions of children dying due to lack of food, and those that survive this wrenching starvation are mostly hit with cognitive deficits due to the extreme malnutrition. Along with this homelessness, forms another major area where people can be helped out in large numbers. HIV and AIDS are other areas were a large population is affected and needs help.

All these areas are attended to by the volunteers and members of this Kansas based church through their various programs. They find true meaning in their lives by being able to provide love and support to these people. So, you see it is not rocket science to find happiness and fulfillment for your life; all you need to do is place God above everything else in your life and He will show you the Way, the Truth and the true Life.

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