How To Prepare Family For Disasters?

It is quite unfortunate that some families are living in disaster-probe areas. Despite the situation, we need to get fully prepared to deal with storm, earthquakes and other situations. When the disaster does strike, we could have much less options. However, with enough preparation we will be able to deal with such condition much more easily. There are many things that can be handled ahead of time and we should focus on the essentials first. As an example, the family house may need to be strengthened against possible natural disasters. We should consider whether the house is more resistant to earthquake, storm and flood. However, this can be achieved more easily before the house is constructed. But, we could still improve our existing house to make sure that it is stronger and can with withstand external factors. We should sit down with the whole family to make sure that everyone can be in touch if an emergency situation does occur. We should know how the family should be able to gather together in such situation.

However, we should know that the cellular network can be taken down by natural disaster and it won’t work entirely. It is better to invest on handy talkies sets that can provide direct communications in a range of few miles. Each set can be placed permanently inside the car or the child’s school locker. The battery should be taken out to prevent leakage and damage to the handy talkie set. When the disaster seems to be more likely to happen, we should make sure that the handy talkie set will be able to work properly. They need to be checked to make sure that there are no malfunctions with the set. Due to the limited range of the handy talkie set, we should consider designating a meeting place that can be considered safe. As an example, the place should be flat and higher; which can be free from flood and falling trees. The route that we choose should be simple, quick and direct. Everyone in the family should be taught how to properly and quickly avoid injuries.

During an emergency situation, we should think about items that we want to bring, such as jewelry, food, cards, very important documents and others. Even so, we should keep our luggage to the minimum and it is often important to prioritize on things that can ensure our safety or survival. During disaster situation, it is important that we pack light, so we will be able to move much more quickly. All the essentials should be able to sustain us at least for 3 days. This will allow us to reach the aid centers, so we will be able to obtain supplies. We should bring enough money, so we will be able to purchase things. When things are bad enough, money may no longer be accepted and it is a good thing to small chunks of gold that can be traded for food and other essentials. With enough preparation, we should be able to cope with disaster more easily.

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