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Foods That Can Help You Slim Your Abs

Our midsection isn’t only important for our appearance, but our health as well. People who have tight waistline tend to have better health. It has been shown that our chance of getting heart disease can increase by 15 percent if the circumference of our abs increases by 10 centimeters above normal. So, we should choose the right kind of food that can make our abs look slim and our health better. Blueberries can have good effect on our health and they should be able to diminish our body fat. They contain a whole load of naturally occurring antioxidants that can quickly dismantle fatty structure around our waist. We could add blueberries to our oatmeal and cereal during breakfast, so we will get the best results. Blueberries also contain enough vitamin C and fiber to make our body becomes even better. Asparagus is another thing that we should consume, if we want to get much healthier. Its consumption will reduce the risk of birth defects, cancer and various heart diseases. Asparagus is a neutral diuretic that increases urination and reduce water retention around our waistline.

Good quality asparagus is compact and looks tightly furled. We should cook it gently to avoid destroying much of the nutrients. Most of the nutrients in the asparagus are found around the tip so we should make sure that the tip section isn’t exposed to too much heat. However, we should be able to cook the stalk more evenly. We may also consider using microwave, because it destroys fewer nutrients compared to boiling. Mushrooms and eggplants should also be useful in trimming our waist. Mushrooms are able to reduce sodium in our body and this will also reduce water retention, making our abs look slimmer. With reduced water level, we will have much less puffiness and bloating look on our body. Watermelons, muskmelons and other melons contain folate or a type of vitamin B. They also contain potassium that can reduce water retention, which helps us to achieve slimmer waistline. To get the most benefit, we should choose a whole watermelon, instead of choosing small slices or cut up ones. We should put the watermelon inside the fridge to prevent nutrient breakdown and it will also taste better.

We could also consume more omega 3 fatty acids, which is a component of good fat or polyunsaturated fat. This will help to oncrease the fat burning mechanism in our body and it would contribute into slimmer waistline. We can find it in cold water fish, including salmon. Despite its immense benefits, we shouldn’t take excessive consumption of salmon, because too much fat won’t be a good thing. It is a good thing if we can the wild caught salmon, instead of the farmed one, so we will be able to avoid the exposure to pesticides and other questionable chemicals. Other fish that contains good fat include Atlantic herring, rainbow trout, whitefish and tuna. Avoid canned fish products due to the presence of sodium and preservatives.

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