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How To Choose A Business Process Management Platform

Nowadays, business process management (or BPM) has become an essential part of software solutions for companies. Today’s ever-demanding marketplace has made it impossible for organizations to develop without the right platform, which could automate their daily tasks, possess the features of a service desk, offer the reps a complete overview of the customers, and perform a number of other missions.

How To Choose A Business Process Management Platform

One of these solutions is bpm’online – a cloud-based system aimed at streamlining the company’s customer-facing processes and improving its operational efficiency. Bpm’online CRM possesses a number of robust features and tools for efficient business process management. The system is characterized by the evident technological benefits, such as open configuration, user-friendly design and handy customization options. You can read about this business process management platform on its official website. The visitors are also offered the free trial version of the software so that they could make sure that the solution would meet their requirements and wouldn’t create any problems when functioning.

Selecting the Right Business Process Management Platform

If your company like a number of other forward-thinking businesses has concluded that it needs a reliable and easy-to-use BPM system, get ready for the accurate search for the best variant ever. First of all, you should look at the list of features your new platform must possess:

  • Make sure the solution you are going to implement will enable you to change business processes as quickly as possible. Besides, it should help you keep up with the changes in your workflows, business objectives and service conditions.
  • If you want your new business process management system to improve the work of the whole organization, look at the “brains” of the chosen solution. They firstly include a set of embedded business rules. Pay special attention to the platforms with flexible and powerful workflow management solutions.
  • Short time-to-value. Most companies have tight budgets; therefore, their investments should bring rapid returns. It is very important for the chosen business process management platform to ensure a rapid ROI for your firm.
  • Technology leadership. Pay attention to the solutions developed by well-known and reliable vendors. Make sure you can count on the selected software for innovation and expertise.
  • Adjustable performance. When choosing a suitable BPM platform, do not forget to look through its performance profile. Check whether all the tools of the software will be able to fare well at an enterprise scale.

How To Choose A Business Process Management Platform

How to Use a Business Process Management Platform

Typically the process of implementing a new BPM platform includes the following steps:

  • Designing the system;
  • Creating the model of its operation;
  • Execution of the plan;
  • Automation of the company’s workflows;
  • Monitoring the system’s performance;
  • Control over all the elements of the BPM software;
  • Measurement of their performance;
  • Optimization of the solution.

In other words, first you need to design how your platform should work and determine its look and feel. Model all the aspects of your business processes integrating every workflow of your organization with the chosen platform. Remember that you can automate a number of mundane tasks, create computer-assisted email campaigns, and so on. Select a set of tasks your business process management platform will perform and make sure it possesses all the tools necessary for these purposes.

Your next step is to realize the plan. In order to evaluate the success of the implemented software, you should monitor and control every step of this process. When necessary redefine your objectives and drive compliance with the general strategy. Do not forget to discuss the performance of the chosen business process management software with your employees: they can see its work from the inside, noticing even the smallest details of the process. Take into account their desires and requirements, as it is up to you to make their operating conditions easier and less stressful.

Finally, you should measure and optimize the implemented system. At this step you need to gather data about the way your new tools function and decide whether the platform requires any improvements. Do not hurry to change all the aspects of the implemented BPM solution at once. Do it gradually, step-by-step, so that you could see the results of each improvement independently and change the strategy if necessary.

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