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Importance Of Project Management In Construction Project

Project management is a continuous process. It starts with the conception of the idea till the closure of the project. In between lots of other steps are included too. The procedure of project management begins by means of the initial stage of conception where thinking and evaluating of choices occurs. The nest stage is about preparation and planning of the project and its prerequisites.

After this, the third stage includes the implementation of definite ideas and after that, the task of the tasks for the similar determination trails. After this is the fourth stage of monitoring of the numerous project tasks. Post this, the last stage includes evaluation and closure. This stage is associated with the evaluation of all the tasks that have occurred and the end of the project after the distribution to the customer.

Importance Of Project Management In Construction Project

The management of construction projects necessitates familiarity of contemporary management as well as knowledge of the design and construction process. Construction projects have a specific set of purposes and restraints such as a required time frame for completion. Lisa Dudzik is a renowned Contracts and Claims Manager from Perth, Australia who has exceptional skills and knowledge in project management. She has vast experience in all stages of construction project and is known for providing the best solution to the clients. She specializes in Project Strategy and Management as well as project execution and recovery plans.

She is currently serving as a Contracts and Claims Manager in QDVC (Q.S.C) which is a Joint-Venture Company between Qatar-based Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company and VINCI Construction Grands Projects. Previous to this she has worked as Commercial Manager and Commercial Contracts Manager is some of the renowned organizations. After completing Master of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Ottawa in the year 2008 she joined Rio Tinto Inc. as Contracts Manager – RTEP.

Lisa Dudzik as a Contracts and Claims Manager provides management and monitoring of the several projects in agreement with the Contract Specifications. She believes that each client has individual missions and aims and it is her responsibility to ensure that the mission and aim of the client turns into a reality.

Project management is a job that requires a variety of skill sets, as well as skills to deal with the practical features of the job as well as the sensitive feature of the team. It is important that a construction project manager take a positive approach from the moment of his or her appointment. Project management plans, even for comparatively uncertain construction projects, should display a level of element greater than might be thought appropriate for other types of projects of equal price and period.

Lisa Dudzik has learned the expertise and knowledge that are necessary to precisely and skillfully assist clients in all stages of the project cycle. In brief, she has have managed pre-evaluation and negotiation processes and issued take-over certificates on behalf of her clients.

Thus, it can be said that the role of project management in construction industry is quite significant.