What is Cyber Crime?

We always strive to find new things to make our lives more comfortable and better. We are motivated to find new technological advancement and methods, by using out intellects. In this case, we could find that one development often leads to another. Things will never stop and the progress never ends. The Internet is probably one of the most important things that ever happen to the human civilizations. The world has changed immensely since the arrival of the Internet. Although people are still separated geographically, they can actually become more connected to one another. Ideas can be better delivered than during actual conversations. The availability of mobile devices have allowed us to connect to the Internet far more easily.

However, the Internet has given an opportunity for criminal and it definitely as an evil side. In many cases, the advantages do outweigh the disadvantages; but when bad things happen, the Internet could be quite damaging. The Internet allows for the proliferation of cyber crime. It affects both common Internet users and business establishments. In this case, we should take the proper action to curb these kinds of crimes. We also need to perform legal actions to restrict these criminals. Cyber crime has become a new threat to the society and we should consider it seriously. There are actions that we should do to check its spread. However, it is important for us to know more about cyber crime and what it could do to the society. Cyber crime is essentially criminal activity that is based on the Internet technology and telecommunication devices.

Crimes are often directed to a single individual or a vast network of computers for financial or political gains. As an example, denial of services, computer viruses and malware can be quite destructive. In this case, crimes are facilitated by the internetworked grid of computers. There are multiple bad things that could happen, such as hacking, email scams, phishing, cyber stalking, identity theft and others. Cyber crimes are often associated with white collar crime. In many cases, both overlap. In many cases, cyber crimes are non-violent. However, the targeted party could endure financial and reputational damages. This makes cyber crime a threat not only to ordinary person and companies, but also the entire nation. Extremists, deviants and terrorists could have a chance of using this kind of technology for their anti social and illegal activities.

Billions of people are already connected with the Internet and it is imperative to make sure that we are working in a secured network. The Internet allows for the anonymous usage of the network. The web is a fertile breeding ground for any criminal who plans on engaging in various activities for their personal or organizational gains. It means, any user should be familiar with cyber law, so this kind of activity can be curbed. Cyber crime can be quite difficult to handle, because identifying the perpetrator can be quite difficult. So, it is better for us to be prepared and look for ways to protect ourselves.

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