How To Recognize Traffic and Normal Conversions

You need to be able to recognize what is the difference when using the terms traffic or conversation, especially if you happen to use a business model. That way if you understand this difference, you will be able to make more money.

To point what is the difference when talking about conversions and traffic, you must know what your goal is and you are going to achieve it. The goal is an action that the visitors in your website perform in your website. All goals are different and they may vary from simple things as registration on your website or to finish the checkout. A conversion may be represented as each visitor who has performed an action to achieve its goals and he or she has finished. Traffic is simply how many visitors have visited your website.

If you happened to own a popular site and yet nobody is able to communicate with you, the traffic generated will not be enough to make any money. It is important for you how many people have completed their goals on your website, in other words it is important how many of this visitors actually have done something on your website. Imagine a less known website but yet the communication between you and the visitors is good, this site will generate more money than the previous one.

If you spot the difference between conversions and traffic, you will be able to improve your conversion and traffic strategy and because of that you will get higher rank in the search engines. You want to bring quality visitors towards your website, because of that you just do not want to get more visitors; you want to make them do something while they are on your website.

There is a specific word – conversion rate is extremely important to make the ROI to go up in each pay per click campaign. You will get your money wasted if the money spent on your website do not repay back and this is because people choose not to interact with your website, which means they are not achieving their goals. You want to bring quality traffic to your website, this traffic will help you improve the quality of the PPC and if you choose to make other advertising campaigns, you will do better.

Well, if you have a high natural traffic, this could not be bad thing, after all. If you are planning to invest not only money but time for SEO and advertising, you must know what the differences between conversion and traffic are. You must not consider the option to invest your money only for traffic. It will get you nowhere. You are interested to make the conversion rate higher or to find a place where you can get quality traffic. Understanding that you need conversion instead of traffic is crucial for your survival and it is important to get your money back.

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