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Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse – Model 3500

Pros: one AA battery included, on/off switch, programmable buttons, a magnifying feature
Cons: sometimes vertical scrolling jumps during use
I have been using this Microsoft Wireless Mouse for over four years. It replaced a Logitech model that decided to die. Usually I prefer Logitech mice, but I’m very glad I bought this Microsoft mouse.
The color of this mouse is described as Loch Ness Gray. Sounds very mysterious, but is a traditional gray color combo. Controls include left and right click buttons as well as a center scroll wheel. If desired, a function can be allocated so the wheel acts as a third button. The mouse wheel and sides are rubberized, and the mouse can be used by right- or left-handed users. Overall measures are 3 3/4″ long x 2 1/4″ wide. The mouse comes with a AA battery, and there is an on/off switch beneath the mouse. There is a small Nano Transceiver that plugs into a computer USB port. Optional software is available from the Microsoft website.
“BlueTrack Technology” allows the mouse to work on more surfaces than optical or laser technology offers. The exact quote from their website is: “Microsoft BlueTrack Technology combines the power of optical with the precision of laser…” A disclaimer says the mouse will not work on glass or mirrored surfaces.
This mouse is designed to work with Windows 7, Vista, XP (excluding XP 64-bit), and will work on Mac OS X v10.4x – 10.6x. For Windows systems, 100mb of space is required. For Mac, 30mb of space is needed.
My Experiences
This mouse has been working great for four years. The battery life is excellent, too. I use the on/off switch on the bottom of the mouse, so that when it is not in use the battery isn’t draining. I tend to use my laptop computer while sitting in an armchair, and the chair arm serves as my mouse pad. With an energetic feline in the house, the mouse inevitably is knocked to the floor when the cat decides I should be paying attention to it and not using the mouse. Despite all the drops to the carpeted floor, this mouse keeps working.

One thing to consider is that if you want to use the scroll wheel as a third button, you will need to download the software from the Microsoft website. The download only takes a few minutes and an icon is placed on the desktop for easy access to change the mouse settings.
A nice feature is that when the center wheel is depressed, a magnifier window opens on the screen where the cursor is located. The rectangular magnifying screen is easy to move around the monitor screen by using the mouse to guide it. There are times when website images or print is small, but a click of the wheel makes it easy to view the portion I need a closer look at. Press the wheel again to close the screen. Magnification size can be adjusted, too.
Mouse action is even and has good clicking action. There is a slight clicking sound when the buttons are pressed. The scroll wheel easily rotates and does not have much play in it, which I prefer. The mouse is a comfortable fit for my hand as well. In case you are wondering, the mouse tracks well on a variety of surfaces. This mouse has no problem moving along a mouse pad, or in the case of my home’s armchairs, easily moves on upholstered or leather surfaces.

I liked this mouse so much that my parents decided to buy one, too. A plus for me is that this mouse only uses one AA battery. I have been using the rechargeable batteries with great success. This is an easy mouse to use.
I hope you found this review useful.
Enjoy your day,
Copyright 2014 Dawn L. Stewart