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Avery CD / DVD Label Applicator

simple to use, small and easy to store, no batteries required
Cons: can only apply one label at a time

I have two of these Avery CD / DVD Label Applicators. One is at home and the other is in the office.
This Avery label applier is a simple device. The round platform measures about 6 1/2” x 6 1/2” x 2”. There are three parts to this device: a black base with a non-skid bottom, a center spindle that the disc fits onto, and a removable piece that slides over the spindle to rest atop the disc for centering the label. No batteries are required.

My Experiences
The two Avery Label Applicators I have are about eight to ten years old and still going strong. One is located at home, and the other is in the office. The plastic is durable and has held up well. The applicators still look like new.
It is an easy device to use. I set the applicator on a flat surface, such as a table or desk. I then place the disc needing a label over the spindle until it rests flat on the base. (The burned side of the disc faces down toward the base.) Take the printed label (sticky side down) and slide it over the spindle. The spindle helps center the label. Finger-smooth the label onto the disc, running fingers from the center outward to eliminate any airspaces between the label and disc.

The non-skid bottom on the base keeps the applicator in place while the label is being applied. This device is meant to affix one label at a time.
I use software on my computer to design the labels. I prefer Microsoft Publisher, which has a basic template design I can customize. But there are quite a few software programs that offer CD / DVD label templates. Plus, if you are designing your own labels, you will need to buy label stock. Avery sells the labels, but Staples also offers an inexpensive alternative.

This Avery CD / DVD Applicator is a great little device. In a few simple steps, I can apply a label to a disc. I much prefer applying a label rather than using a marker and writing on the disc. A label presents the info in a customized fashion. I can add graphics, bold text, and include a variety of information that is easy to read. I hope you found this review useful.
Enjoy the day,
Copyright 2014 Dawn L. Stewart