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You™ CONAIR Thermacell Butane Ceramic Hair Curler

Pros: Cordless, portable, almost instant heat
Cons: Wish they made a 1 1/2″ in barrel
It seemed unreal. I was driving from the hospital where my older  sister, Mem, was in ICU, to a nursing home where my younger sister Bekki, had just been transported following a stroke the week before.  I was pretty much on autopilot. I’m a strong person, but come on!
When I got to the nursing home my sister was having a tizzy. She still couldn’t move her right arm or leg and had two IV ports in her left hand, making any specific movements virtually impossible.  But by now, almost more than anything, she was upset that she couldn’t take a shower, brush her teeth, or her hair, and further, was absolutely convinced that no one on staff even knew she was there. After a while she drifted off to sleep and I left.
On my way home I was making mental lists of what each of my sisters would need over the next few days in the line of toiletries, slippers, ‘comfort things’. Out of the blue, and among many other thoughts,  I remembered my CONAIR Thermacell Butane Ceramic Curling Iron. I had purchased it a few years back for camping/hunting expeditions. I mean, one has to eventually come back to town – and it’s impossible to drive with a bag over your head! It would be the perfect solution when the time was right.

That time came much sooner than expected. When I entered my older sisters’ room on Day Five her pastor had just been up to visit. She was mortified at how she looked.  “Get me a &%(#@ brush” she spat out.  Fortunately, I could do better than that with the CONAIR Thermacell Curling Iron. Within a few minutes she really looked like a changed person – and she felt better too. Exhausted, but better.
Bekki was a little different story.  She has very fine hair that’s straight as an arrow. I was concerned whether  the curling iron would even give it a twist. Voila! No problem. A little curl here, a wave there, a spritz of spray and she looked so much better – happier. Ready to get wheeled out into the dining room for lunch and a little elder-flirting over mashed potatoes and gelatin.

I’ve made light of these circumstances, but they have been anything but. I don’t mean to infer that looking good is of paramount importance under these conditions, but what little things the patients’ family can do to help, is important. I’m reminded of the movie My House in Umbria starring Maggie Smith. She had been seriously injured in a train-bombing incident. She asked her male friend Quinty, to bring her a whole passel of things she ‘needed’. Incredulous, he asked what all these things were for? “It cheers the spirit” she replied. It certainly does!
Some of the features of the YOU™ CONAIR ThermaCELL Butane Cordless Curling Iron:

  • A ceramic outer-casing for smooth, sleek styling and high shine.
  • It reaches a maximum heat of 360°
  • Each ThermaCELL butane cartridge lasts approximately two to three months depending on use.
  • Replacement cartridges are available separately.
  • Approved for airline travel. TSA and FAA allows one installed cartridge in baggage.
  •  Protective heat shield for quick and easy storage

How to use:

  • Best on clean, dry hair.
  • The barrel has an ON/OFF button. Push the ‘ON’ button. Wait five seconds. Quickly depress the igniter until you hear a ‘poof’. That’s the sound that the butane has ignited and the barrel will begin heating immediately.
  • Section off a portion of hair. Depress the wand lever to open the curler. Either wrap the hair around the iron, or roll the hair up in the iron just as you would a plug-in curler.
  • Count 8-12 seconds and release the curl. If more curl is desired, repeat the process.
  • Be careful – the barrel is very hot. Don’t wrap the curl too closely to scalp.
  • Don’t smoke while using.

3/4 ” barrel

9 3/4″ in length
5.5 oz.
Comes in Black or Blue
Contents are under pressure. Do not puncture or incinerate. Do not use near sparks nor flame.

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