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Pears Transparent Soap

Pros: Not heavy or oily,  easy to rinse off ( so perhaps easier on plumbing?)

Cons: Bar seems to diminish rather quickly
To address the heading and get that out-of-the-way. . .” What my doctor says about bathing ( and showering). . .” is that we do it much too often – we’re washing away many of the body’s natural defenses and valuable moisturizers and lubricating properties. Twice a week is his recommendation.  And in the meanwhile? A quick once-over with a warm wash cloth (no soap!) is all we need. Now, understandably, there are circumstances that arise – like falling in a mud puddle, cutting a cord of wood, or having a baby urp on you, that might justify a third douse – but for average day-to-day living, two, in his opinion, is sufficient.
In 1807, after completing barber training, Andrew Pears, the son of a farmer, opened a shop in the wealthy residential section of Soho in London, England. ‘In those days’ the lighter the skin, the better -(more socially accepted). Many of his clients complained that spending any time in the sun was ruining ( darkening) their complexion. Pears decided to dabble in a little cosmetic chemistry, mixing compounds, and in general, learning how to make a soap using much less fatty matter than other soap manufacturers ( 45% vs. 75-80%).  To that he added glycerine and, after a protracted drying spell of thirteen weeks, ending up with a transparent, English-garden-scented, oval-shaped bar of soap. It became the first mass-marketed, (and patented) transparent bar soap.

In the past two hundred years, the company has changed hands a few times. Ingredients have been added, then removed, then re-introduced, but it’s trademark transparency has remained constant.
Pears Transparent Soap comes in two sizes –  69g. and 119 g.  It comes in three colors,  original amber, mint green, and frosty blue – each having its own unique aroma. Some have said ( and I tend to agree) that the original amber has a very definite pine tar odor. Not exactly the scent most woman want trailing behind them, but it dissipates very quickly.
Ingredients. Water, glycerine, sodium roseinate, sodium ( trivial introduction), alcohol, sorbitol, sodium chloride, tetrasodium, etidronic acid, proplyene glycol and BHT.

Fragrance agents. Eugenol, cinnemal, limonene, and linalool.
Summary. I very much like this soap. I don’t necessarily feel ‘cleaner’ than with other bar soaps, but there’s definitely less residue on my skin. I find that by unwrapping the bar, which comes in a- Saran-Wrap type covering, and letting it dry in the cabinet until I need it, the bar lasts a little longer.  I have seen the green-colored bar in our local market, but not the blue.
I’ve read wildly varying comments about Pears Transparent Soap. Some consumers offer glowing results, others complain their skin feels so dry they need a moisturizer after using. These may be typical experiences since we have individual skin types.

I pay about $1.00 per bar.
Unilever Brand

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