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Google Shopping Express

Pros: Quick service and it’s free for 6 months
Cons: Google is being very quiet on how much the service costs once the trial runs out

Google Shopping Express is a fairly new shopping service from Google Inc. Because they are offering 6 months free delivery, I decided to pull the trigger and order a gaggle of stuff that frankly, I’m too lazy to go and buy in person. This shopping service only delivers non perishable items at this time so think of canned, jarred and boxed items. They also deliver clothing, toys and home items from a wide variety of stores.
Google Express seems to have some of the most popular grocery stores on their list of products to chose from. On my first order I ordered several items from Costco (let’s be real, I HATE dealing with that crazy parking lot) some items from Whole Foods and Babies r Us. I ordered a range of items from laundry detergent to organic juice and Earth’s Best baby food. Since I purchase mostly organic brands I was happy with the selection that was provided from the various stores. Walmart and Safeway offer grocery delivery service but with Google Shopping Express you can get clothing, home items, toys, baby items in addition to food.
I submitted my order at 10:30am on a Saturday and then I got one email confirming my order and a approximate delivery time of 7:00pm. At around 7:06pm my items arrived at my door. I saw a delivery person pull up in a Prius, jump out and unload the items on my front step. He didn’t wait for a signature or even knock on the door before before driving away. A little odd, but I can deal with it.

Several of the loose items were in large sturdy bags and everything was neatly stacked by the front door. The large Costco items had handles taped on for easy handling. Tucked into the bag was a sheet listing the items that I had purchased. I have absolutely no complaints and plan to use Google Shopping Express A LOT before my trial membership is up! I’m hoping that the service gains popularity and sticks around.
After your trial ends you will be charged a delivery fee of $4.99 per store but Google is being very quiet about their membership fees. Why so on the downlow Google? I intend to report back when my membership is up and I get a better idea of how much it will be to keep using the service.  For the meantime I’m using this service up to two times a week because it’s free and convenient!

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