Personal Care


Soap & Glory Hand Food Lotion

Pros: good smell, not greasy
Cons: doesn’t hydrate for very long

My hands get super-dry during the winter time. My wife got me this lotion, and I admit that when I first saw the bright pink bottle I wasn’t thrilled. Greasy lotion really icks me out, and anything in a pink bottle always smells to high heaven.
But this stuff is okay. It does have a sweet smell, but it’s closer to bubblegum than flowers. It’s not exactly bubblegum, but it’s fresh and sweet and not too floral. I like it, and others seem to like it when they smell it on me.
What I like best is that this lotion soaks in quickly. It doens’t leave behind a greasy residue. That drives me crazy. However, I guess the flip side of that is that the lotion doesn’t seem to protect and hydrate all that long. One handwash seems to remove all its benefits, requiring another dose. I’m okay with that actually. It’s worth it to me. I just can’t stand a greasy feeling on my hands.

I need to see if I can shop around and find a lower price for this as it comes pretty dear. And like I said multiple doses are needed. In the end it may not be worth the cost if you are sensitive to that.