2020 Apple Mac Mini Review

Apple’s new Mac Mini stresses upon the need to surround the media player with some expensive hardware to avail its full benefits. As is expected from the house of Apple, the new Mac Mini flaunts the company’s usual design regulations. The only significant change in design is the front panel that has now been provided with a continuous aluminum visage in place of the slot, as in the case of Apple’s SuperDrive DVD burner.

In addition to the design leadership, the new internal components used in the Mac mini enhances the performance of the device concerning its older versions. Priced at $799, the Mac mini is set to attract committed Mac users who value the design and functionality of the device over the price tag.

Some of the noteworthy features which make the Apple Mac mini so attractive are discussed below.

Faster Processor On Apple Mac Mini

Apple Mac Mini

The Core i5 and i7 processor by Intel make the device work double the quicker than its previous models. The dual-core Core i5 processor by Intel is the standard processor used in Mac mini Projectfreetv. The device can get configured either with a 2.3 GigaHertz or 2.5 GigaHertz dual-core Intel Core i5 or with a faster 2.7Giga Hertz Intel Core i7. Such an intensive application allows the Turbo Boost 2.0 to increase the speed of the clock to around 3.4 Giga Hertz. Hyperthreading, on the other hand, facilitates each core with the ability to run two threads at a time. This helps the operating system multitasks with higher efficiency. Add on to this feature the function of the integrated memory controller that connects at a higher speed 1333MHz of memory to the processor. This enables the processor to start working on the data immediately. In short, with such an enhanced performance, the 2020 Mac mini can compete with a processing unit double its size.

Faster graphics On Apple Mac Mini

The 2020Mac mini has been provided with an AMD Radeon High Definition graphics processor. The processor has an integrated 256MB of GDDR5 memory. That doubles the power of graphic applications and, as a result, provides a receptive gaming experience that has a response time faster than any of the earlier models. The AMD Radeon Intel High Definition Graphics processor also delivers ample support and power for other regular functions like editing of HD video clips and managing images.

Use of Thunderbolt Technology

The Thunderbolt technology used in the new Mac mini is amazingly fast. With two 10-Gbps channels provided for data transmit, the speed for data transfer gets fastened. Precisely speaking, when compared with FireWire 800, the rate of the new Mac Mini is around twelve times faster and about twenty times when compared with USB 2.0.

Other than the enhanced speed, Thunderbolt technology provides unparalleled extension capabilities with the Mac Mini. For instance, users can imbibe up to six Thunderbolt peripherals at a time. This involves even the latest Apple Thunderbolt Display. As we know that the technology used in Thunderbolt is sourced from the DisplayPort technology, this adds another functional feature to your Mac mini DisplayPort as it can get plugged right into the device.


Apple Mac Mini 2

Other than the Apple Thunderbolt Display, the Thunderbolt technology also allows you to imbibe an Apple LED Cinema Display to the device. You can always use the HDMI port and the HDMI and DVI adapter provided with the Mac mini to facilitate a third-party display. Last but not least, two shows can get connected at a time if you wish to view more photos and documents at the same time.

The Mac mini has a built-in SDXC card slot. You can connect your digital camera to the slot and transfer the images quickly on to it. With a FireWire800 port and four USB 2.0 ports, plugging your other gadgets like the iPod, DV camcorder, printer, keyboard, and mouse, etc. becomes easier. You always will have the option to transfer files from external gadgets.


Like in every other Mac mini models, the new 2020 Mac mini from Apple has a built-in 802.11n wireless technology. This technology automatically hooks up to the Wi-Fi network. This allows you to access internet facilities instantly and wirelessly. The Mac mini is also provided with a built-in Bluetooth wireless technology that will enable you to connect accessories like a wireless keyboard or mouse. That is one of the other remarkable features of the new Mac mini. You can combine and extend its functionalities with any other device.

Storage And Memory Features Of Apple Mac Mini

2020 Mac mini is provided with a 500GB hard drive. It also has an optional 750GB hard drive. So you need not worry about the storage capabilities of the Mac mini. Pack in as many movies, videos, and photos you want to. If you wish to boot up the speed of the Mac mini, then choose the 256GB solid-state drive. This will make the device more responsive and initiates applications quickly. The MacBook Air SuperDrive will fulfill your requirements for burning a disc. The application is an external USB-based application and costs just $79.

Apple Mac Mini 4

Mac mini has been incorporated with 2GB / 4GB of 1333MHz DDR3 memory. You can always add more by removing the bottom panel. A simple twist to the board allows you to add in mind to the SO-DIMM slot provided within. You also have the option to expand the memory of your Mac mini with 8GB memory. This can be done from an Apple Online store.

The 2020 Mac mini has made movie viewing a great experience. Connect the Mac mini to your HDTV or any other big screen via the HDMI port provided with it. With a single connection, you can enjoy movies, videos game, like Pubg pc, and pictures in their best color and crystal clear image. A control device also comes in with the Mac mini that will help you to adjust the output from the Mac mini to the screen. You also have the option to listen to music by streaming your collections to your home theatre or speakers.

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