Tracking iPhone apps to find stolen iPhone

Tracking the iPhone: Apps To Find A Stolen iPhone

Being a small-sized object, the iPhone is very likely to be misplaced. Besides, it is also a costly device, and thieves always have their eye on such things. Whether you lose your iPhone due to negligence or are a victim of a robbery, it feels terrible, and the experience is harrowing. You are not just bothered by the cost of the device but also the significance of all the data stored in the machine.

The loss of contacts, important text messages, and other information can be very distressing as the mobile device served as a replacement for traditional diaries. For some people, the loss of data can make them suffer severe injuries. But now there is no need to worry anymore as simple software applications can now help you track your device and record all the details in a database on a computer. The app, called the iPhone tracker, tracks the physical movement of the iPhone.

iPhone tracking software is the best way you can protect your iPhone Myhrconnection. To get the tracking mechanism to work for, you need to have the software installed on your iPhone. After the software is installed onto the device and the device is synchronized to a computer, records of all movement get stored on the computer. Several software applications offer the tracking facility, but before you get any software, be sure that it works efficiently.

Given below is a list of some popular iPhone tracking applications.

Mobile Spy

The iPhone tracking software from Mobile Spy facilitates the live tracking of an iPhone once it has been installed onto your device. The current update of the software has facilitated surveillance and live to monitor. The earlier versions of the application could only track the GPS details, which implied that you could not find out the exact location of the device until a couple of minutes passed. But the latest update has improved things greatly, and now you can get the current GPS location details immediately.

This new feature has been included as a separate module called Mobile Spy Live. After the application has been installed and configured, it will start recording data in the form of location, images, messages, etc. and then transmitting it to the Mobile Spy account. You may also select the option of having the logs sent to you through email.

The Mobile Spy application allows you to check out each incoming stealthily and outgoing number, read emails, text messages and calendar events, and views the contacts, photos, and websites visited. You will get a one year license of this application (without Mobile Spy Live) for $99.97. I you want Mobile Spy Live, you need to pay $129.97.


Find My iPhone is a new service announced by Apple, and it facilitates the iPhone owners to locate their devices using the GPS facility of the iPhone. The service is made available via MobileMe. Find my iPhone helps to find out the current location of your iPhone using Google Maps. It allows users to send a message on the iPhone even if the iPhone is locked. This facility allows a person to return the iPhone to its owner.

Find My Phone may also force a sound to play for 2 minutes on the iPhone so that it can be located quickly in between couches. This feature will require you to subscribe to Apple’s MobileMe. That will cost you $99 per year after a two-month trial.


iLocalis allows you to track the location of your iPhone and also remote control it. This software is regarded as being one of the best theft monitoring software. Locals support all iPhone firmware, however, the iPhone needs to be jailbroken, and then Cydia installed. If you lose your iPhone, you can log onto the website of iLocalis and then find out where your iPhone was last located.

You can also make calls or send texts to your iPhone. If your SIM card has been altered, you will get your current number. With the help of locals, you can send text messages to your friends when you are close to them. You may set up the system to allow your friends to locate you. And if your friend also has a local installed, you can exchange free text messages.


MyFoundCast is an innovative technology that allows you to create wallpaper and embed information onto it. Thus, if you lose your iPhone, whoever finds it will know who the owner is.

All users are given a tracking ID, which is unique, and they get registered automatically onto the lost and found database.


Spybubble is yet another software application that is designed to track your mobile devices. The app works automatically after it has been installed on the device, which needs to be followed Pubg pc. The application is also safe for usage, as it cannot be detected. This is the most crucial feature of any tracking software. Tracking software must always remain invisible and should be working in the background.

Spybubble can easily track calls. This means that you can view the incoming and outgoing calls, the duration of the request, the conversation, etc. You will also be able to read the messages sent to and from the device. The contacts stored in the Phone Book are also visible to you. You will also be able to trace the location of the device with the help of Google Maps. With this software, you can spy on as many devices as you wish to.


iHound is a free application that allows you to track your iPhone. If your iPhone is connected to another computer, it sends an alert to you.

It also offers information regarding the current location of the device. If you have lost your device, you can log onto the website of iHound and obtain a detailed report about the site of the iPhone.


This application is based on GPS and also uses the cellular triangulation method. It allows lost iPhones to be located by sending a message to the device.

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