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Your guide to set up an easy and cost-effective virtual office


virtual officeTo have a fully-furnished and well-equipped office is the dream of every businessman. An office is a place where business cracks important deal, attend customers’ queries, plan marketing strategies, work on business agenda, and do whatever is related to business. However, there are only a few businesses that can’t turn this dream into reality. Setting up such an office demands high upfront investment from small and start-up businesses. 

So, the burning question here is: 

How can small scale businesses own an office? 

Well, the answer is a virtual office. Without demanding any high-end upfront costing, a virtual phone system helps businesses to set office at any location.

What is a virtual office? 

A virtual office is an office setting where team members are working in cyberspace without being designated to a particular physical location. By using cloud technology in full swing, your team can handle the tedious office work even from the comfort of the living room. 

For example, your Philippines virtual phone number can help you make or receive business calls from anywhere only when you install the supported software in your data-driven device. 

They may not have a particular physical official address, but they will have designated email address and an International phone number that will help them handle business operations easily and effortlessly. 

Do you need a virtual office? 

A virtual office is an ideal way to ensure seamless and location-free operations. Its viability is not limited to small scale businesses or start-ups. It can be the best choice to make for:

  • Professionals who prefer not to disclose personal address or mobile phone number while dealing the business things
  • Freelancers who don’t have a set physical office and still want to have a dedicated Enterprise phone system to support their business
  • Businesses seeking global expansion and new territories and don’t want to hinder the process because of legal implications related to setting up a physical office. For example, a  US-based business can run its operations in Germany from the US only using Germany toll-free phone number
  • Businesses dealing with clients who prefer buying from a business with a local presence.
  • Small businesses or start-ups that want to handle call traffic with full professionalism without hiring a receptionist. 
  • The sales team and on-site team that stays outside the physical office but still want to be a part of things happening inside the office walls. 

What type of virtual office is available?

  • Business Address Services

In this type of virtual office assistance, you will get a professional address at a prestigious location and a local telephone number. You will get facilities like mail forwarding, registered address, local mail drop-off, and courier management in this type of virtual office.

  • Virtual Receptionist

A virtual receptionist type of virtual office will enable a business to set up a business call center at any remote location. For example, if you want to expand the business in Germany, then buy a virtual receptionist Germany toll-free phone number and start receiving calls, emails, faxes, and video calls from Germany at your home location without bearing any extra costing. 

  • Conference and Meeting Room Services

If you want to have an enterprise phone system that can help you arrange conferences and meetings regardless of the location, then conference and meeting room service is just the right thing for you. For example, a Philippines virtual phone number comes with a big screen monitor conference phone whiteboards and video conferencing tools to set up a business conference room anywhere in the world. 

How can you set up a virtual office?

Setting up a virtual office is as easy as clapping. Here are the steps that you should follow.

  • Understand your business needs first

Before you make a move to purchase all the resources required to set up a virtual office, you need to understand what exactly your requirements are. If you are a start-up, then you may require a business address service type of virtual office. On the other hand, if you are trying to set up a call center for business in another location, then a virtual receptionist is the right thing to hire. 

  • Buying the essential equipment 

Some of the key equipment required for setting up virtual assistants is any data-driven device, say a laptop, PC, tablet and mobile, virtual phone number, a stable internet connection, a fax machine, and it’s line. If you are running enterprise-level operations, then buying high storage capacity laptop which comes with the in-built camera is the right thing to do. 

  • Set up the virtual office 

Once all the equipment is well-procured, it’s time to set up the office. You will get the supported software with your virtual phone number. So, just download it, connect your system with an internet connection, sync your mobile with it, set up the IVR, and you are good to go. 

  • Train your team 

As it’s your team that is going to handle the virtual office, training them efficiently is the right thing that you should do. Almost every leading internet phone number service providers offer free set up and training to gain a detailed insight into the functionality of the virtual office. They also offer online training materials, videos, and live demo that you can use to train your team. With every system, try to brush up the existing knowledge of your team. 

In praise of virtual office

To gain maximum productivity and efficient resource utilization, having a physical office is not the only thing. You can still get a hold of this with a virtual office in a remote location. By reducing enterprise phone system set up cost and making your operations free from location restrictions, it allows you to unleash new business avenues. So, don’t wait anymore and set up one today.

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