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How to Make Your Office Waiting Room Appealing to Potential Clients

The office waiting room can become a showpiece if it is appealing to potential clients. It is all a matter of understanding what catches the eye and attention fastest.

Naturally, a business shouldn’t keep potential clients waiting too long. That can be the first negative and should be avoided when possible. Keep in mind the decor of the waiting room speaks volumes of the style sense of the owner of the business.

A Superbly Appointed Waiting Room Begins with Color

It is important to know what potential clients notice first about your waiting room. As they open the office door, the first notice is the floor and walls.

A superbly appointed waiting room should be painted in coordinating or contrasting colors that are appropriate for the type of business.

For example, medical and dental offices choose muted colors for floors and walls to reduce stress. A law office may wish to have walls and floors in brighter colors to lighten clients’ moods. Beauty and nail salons can afford to choose colors that make clients feel pampered such as aqua, mauve, lime or eggshell.

Give Potential Clients an Interesting View

Once seated, you will want your clients to feel relaxed and in a friendly environment.

This is a good time to locate interesting murals or paintings or sketches on the walls in decorative frames. These offer a personalized view of your hobbies such as photos of your deep sea dives, fishing excursions or favorite theater shows.

Add a bit of interesting statues or sculptures to make the waiting room accessories complete.

Furnishings Make a Style Statement

There is no doubt the furnishings you provide to potential clients sets the mood of the waiting room. Use waiting room space wisely so there is plenty of seating to accommodate the number of clients expected.

The seating can be individual chairs, two or more loveseats and sofas or a sectional sofa in a modern style.

Choose furniture upholstery that is non-allergenic and soothing to the senses such as leather, velour or polyfibers that coordinate with the colors of the floor and walls.

Pass the Time

Lighting in a waiting room is also important. There should be sufficient lighting for reading as well as a few lamps for lamp tables. You can have ipads with digital magazines and books for people to enjoy.  Most waiting rooms today offer TV on demand rather than junk daytime TV that’s mainly commercials. This way the clients are not looking at the clock waiting for their turn, but rather enjoying themselves while they wait.

In addition to room decor and furnishings, be sure to offer a water fountain and where appropriate, a coffee maker. Be sure to keep bathrooms impeccably clean. Supply the waiting room coffee table with current magazines of interest. These tips help make your waiting room pleasant and makes it feel like a home away from home.

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